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   Chapter 189 Twists And Turns

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7125

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"Well done, Evan!"

"Throw him off!"

Darren and the others were so excited. Their faces were red with excitement as if they were in the race field, not Evan.

Garrett, however, felt pity for Peter.

He could tell that Peter's horse-riding skills were much better than Evan's. But Peter's horse was too weak to compete with Evan's.

Amelia felt angry rather than pity for Peter.

She thought that they could have won the race, but Peter messed everything up.

She really wanted to open his head and check what was wrong with him.

Peter, unaware of what the audience were thinking, squinted his eyes as he saw that the gap between him and Evan had widened further.

Evan had finished two and a half circle, and he was left behind two hundred meters. If things continued like that, he would lose his last chance to win. The main problem was his weak horse.

He managed to keep himself calm. He pouted his mouth and made a strange sharp sound.


The moment they heard the harsh sound, Evan's powerful horse stopped running all of a sudden. It stopped unexpectedly that its hind feet were suspended in midair while its front body stood upright. Then it started to jerk as if in pain.

Evan never expected that his horse would go mad. Instantly, he was thrown down and rolled on the ground. He ended up covered in mud.

If he had not been swift, he would have been crushed by his horse.

The men and women who saw this were shocked, and they started cursing.

"Fuck! What have you done?"

"Son of a bitch! What witchcraft did you use?"

"You shameless motherfucker!"

They could not stop cursing Peter. The race was a matter of pride and money. Darren and Morgan were among the most furious ones.

Something occurred to Garrett. He remembered something called 'horse-mastering'.

"Come on! Little baby. Run faster! Let's go beat him!" Unmindful of all the cursing, Peter cheered up his horse and encouraged it to run faster.

His horse, as if he understood the command, sped up and soon caught up with its opponent.

Evan struggled to find his footing. He went into a frenzy when he saw P

lm and confident, entirely different from the person who had struggled to sit on the horse.

"Oh my gosh! I won! I won! I said I was a genius and I would never lose. Do you believe me now?

Your money is mine now. It's a big sum of money! I asked you to place a bet on me, but you did not listen. So stupid! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

As he shouted his victory, he rushed towards the credit cards eagerly.

He was on cloud nine. He could not stop laughing as he thought of how much money he earned. It was a good business and this trip was worthwhile.

The rich kids were furious with Peter's victory. They even wanted to slap him on the face. But they could not do anything since Amelia was there.

Peter approached them one by one and made them pay for the bet. When the money was transferred, he smiled from ear to ear.

Even if Evan was both angry and ashamed, he transferred fifty million to Peter as he had promised.

He chose to admit defeat for the bet. If he broke his promise, then he would lose dignity and honor within the circle.

However, when he transferred the money, he gave Darren and Morgan a glance to remind them of something.

He wanted them to dishonor and embarrass Peter. The two were notorious rascals. They did not care about dignity or pride at all. They were capable of doing anything shameless.

When Peter came to Darren and Morgan, they were determined to insult Peter ruthlessly.

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