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   Chapter 188 Horse Racing

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6172

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Peter was disappointed. How could no one bet on him?

Evan could not resist laughing as he saw Peter. He shook his hand and said boldly, "I bet fifty million on myself!"

At this moment, he felt so assured that he was going to win.

Since nobody placed a bet on Peter, he wouldn't win any money even if he won the race. But it would feel great to make him lose face.

Amelia could not help taking out a bank card. She placed it down and said, "I bet twenty million on Peter."

She brought Peter here. She would be with him no matter how humiliating he was. She was aware she was behaving recklessly.

"Thanks, thank you so much, Amelia. You know me best." Peter was beyond grateful. He kissed Amelia on her face when she wasn't paying attention, and took out his card.

"I bet forty-nine million on myself," he declared.

Everyone was stunned by what he said.

How could he come up with forty-nine million? Wasn't he just the director of the Security Department? How could he come up with so much money?

Damn it! It must have come from Amelia. Damn it, this was so hateful! He was wasting Amelia's money. What a toy boy he was!

Amelia got mad again. He even dared to take advantage of her.

She wanted to kick the bastard badly. But she could not do it in front of so many people. 'Just wait and see until we are done here. I will show you.'

Evan was so mad as well. The woman he fancied was touched and hugged by Peter. Now he kissed her in front of him.

Damn it!

The race began right away. The rules were simple. The first one to finish 3 laps won.

Evan used the horse he rode before. Peter's horse was the one he used when Amelia was teaching him how to ride.

Peter didn't stand a chance of winning based on the appearance of the two horses alone.

Evan's horse was magnificent, but Peter's was ordinary.

ng from the horse's hooves?"

"This is so unbelievable. Is there a track remover?"

They were all astonished. Everyone was in disbelief and with shock in their eyes.

Darren yelled, "Evan, come on, speed up. He is catching up on you!"

Morgan added, "He definitely cannot win, otherwise, I will lose twenty million."

It stirred the attention of the others who placed a bet on Evan.

They were all shouting and yelling.

"What about my five million?"

"I bet ten million. Don't let him win, Evan."

Evan almost fell down to the ground as he heard what the people were shouting.

What the hell were they doing? This was so humiliating!

If he could not win over Peter's ordinary horse with his superior one, there would be no comparison between their skills. He would definitely lose face with this race.

He had finished the second lap. There was less than a hundred meters away between him and Peter.

Evan's eye grew fierce. He was starting to get nervous.

"Go, go, speed up!" Evan yelled once again. He slapped the horse even harder.

Because of the sudden pain, the horse raised its head and let out a high-pitched whine. It sped up really fast. The distance between them started to widen again.

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