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   Chapter 187 Peter Learned to Ride A Horse

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7455

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Evan frowned at Peter's arrogance. He was not sure whether Peter could ride a horse or not, thinking he might just be pretending, so he could fool him.

After all, it would be very difficult for a person who couldn't ride a horse to learn to ride in half an hour. But Peter dared to race with him. Was this a huge joke?

However, he was only surprised and did not take it seriously since he believed that even if Peter was only bluffing him, he would still win over him for sure.

On the other hand, seeing that things had come to this point, Amelia stopped talking and began to teach Peter to ride a horse.

She started with the basic skills and taught Peter where and how to stand, how to grasp the rein, and how to get on and off the horse.

Amelia had only explained for a few minutes when Peter interrupted her impatiently. He felt that explaining these things was merely a waste of time, and he should be learning how to gallop the horse instead.

Amelia was speechless and did not argue with him. She quickly got on the horse.

Peter did not hesitate and tried to straddle the horse as well, yet he couldn't do it right that he almost fell down while sitting on the horse. Fortunately, he was able to hold on to Amelia in time to avoid the embarrassment.

Looking at the unprofessional movement of Peter, the rich young men and women could not help laughing, especially Darren and Morgan, who almost cried laughing.

"Ha! Ha! Just like that! This guy wants to learn to ride a horse in half an hour and race with Evan. I have to admire his courage and boldness."

"As the saying goes, ignorant people are fearless. This guy thinks that riding a horse is just sitting on a horse and giving the horse two taps to get it moving."

"He is bringing disgrace on himself."

The rich young men began to gossip about Peter, their tones filled with obvious contempt.

In their eyes, Peter's unprofessional movement had laid the foundation for his self-humiliation.

Evan also felt relieved. He initially thought Peter was faking his weakness in order to get him hooked and planned to take him down, but now, he was certain that Peter really didn't know how to ride a horse.

Amelia watched Peter's performance

to do what he has promised, what quality does he have to be your boyfriend? Why would you fall for such a man?"

Darren and Morgan also came to stir up trouble.

"Who said I have no guts to race with him? Who said that I want to back out from the horse race? Did I say that?" Peter couldn't help raising his head when he heard the two men's words. He was full of annoyance.

"Oh well, I'm sorry. I misunderstood you. I thought you were going to back out on your word." Darren immediately laughed and apologized, with a tone meant to ridicule.

After mocking Peter, he looked straight at Morgan. "Ha! Ha!, I'm betting one million. I bet this guy is going to lose."

"Gosh, only one million? So stingy! I bet five million dollars, this guy is going to lose!" Morgan also joined in.

"Oh, you are so mean! I bet ten million dollars!"

"I bet twenty million!"

The rich young men and women started to get excited.

Obviously, none of them thought highly of Peter. All of them bet Peter would lose the race.

"What? There is a bet?" Peter's eyes lit up, and then he asked weakly, "Ah, is there anyone who will bet that I will win?"


All of them turned their faces and did not even look at Peter.

'Place my bet on you? Am I nuts?'

Even Dora couldn't help turning her head to the other side and dared not look at Peter. When Peter looked away from her, she took out a bank card secretly and said in a low voice, "Uh, I bet two million, that Peter will lose."

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