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   Chapter 186 I'm A Genius

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7581

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Evan sneered on a horseback, and waited to see how Peter would deal with the situation.

It would be a shame if he was scared and would collapse onto the ground.

However, Peter had seen through his dirty trick. 'You bastard is trying to scare me and make me lose face!

Well, I am not afraid at all. Just come! You would regret it!'

thought Peter. He then put his arms around Amelia and held her tightly with a scared look.

"Ah! Help me, Amelia. I am scared to death!" he shouted and hugged Amelia with his right leg sweeping backward swiftly and ruthlessly.


Before the horse could step hard on him, Peter had kicked the horse heavily on the right side of its body. The horse let out a painful neigh and then collapsed on the ground.

Evan, the rider, was also about to fall down. However, Evan responded quickly. When the horse was about to touch the ground, Evan jerked the reins quickly with one hand and struck the left side of the horse's body with his other hand.

The horse recovered its balance with a strong bounce, preventing itself and its master from falling into the ground.

Because of the pain, the horse neighed and stomped its feet forcefully. Evan would have kissed the ground if he had not been an experienced and excellent rider.

His face turned pale. He didn't expect that Peter would respond so quickly and strike back.

Even though he looked scared, and seemed to accidentally kick the horse, Evan knew that the attack was deliberate.

"Ah, Amelia! I'm scared to death!" Peter continued shouting with his head rubbing Amelia's body.

Seeing this, Evan was beside himself in anger. He not only failed to humiliate him, but he gave him the chance to take advantage of Amelia.

"It's okay. Don't be afraid. I'm here," said Amelia. Even though she wanted to scold Peter's antics, she had to restrain herself and comfort him superficially in the presence of Evan and his peers.

'What a bastard! How dare him take advantage of me in the presence of so many people?' If she had knew that he was such a flirt, she wouldn't have asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend.

The other important people from the capital were all shocked. They didn't expect that Peter would deal with Evan's provocation in this way.

elia couldn't help revealing her worries to Peter.

"If you don't know how to ride, please stop boasting and just decline him. Evan is an expert in horse riding. I am no match for him. Even if you learn how to ride, you would definitely be easily defeated," she murmured in his ear.

"Don't worry. Take it easy. I'm a genius, anyway. I would be better than you and defeat him," Peter said with a big smile. He did not need to worry about that at all.

Staring at him, Amelia was confused. 'Is he really an amateur? Or is he just pretending to be an amateur?'

"Peter, please be quick. The competition would start in an hour. It will be dark soon. You are only given just one hour to learn," said Evan.

'An hour?'

Amelia could not believe her ears.

'It is impossible for Peter to learn horse riding in just one hour!'

She had planned to teach him the whole night and kill time. After all, Peter and Evan would not meet again after tonight. Peter did not have to compete with him at all.

But she did not expect that Evan had planned it all, and didn't have any plan to give them a chance to train.

Amelia was about to turn him down when Peter answered boldly, "I don't need an hour. Half an hour is enough. Let's meet in half an hour!"

Hearing this, Amelia was about to lose consciousness. She wanted to kill Peter.

The nobles were all dumbfounded, and then burst out laughing.

Without saying anything, Peter impressed something in their hearts.

'He is a conceited idiot!'

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