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   Chapter 185 A Furious Stallion

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7005

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"Ouch! It hurts! I won't do it anymore. I promise!" Peter screamed as his face writhed in pain.

Amelia was very angry and kept pulling his ear. "Tell all the people, who is the boss at home?"

'Son of a bitch! He did not only take advantage of me, but also ruined my reputation. If I don't teach him to behave now, who knows what else he would say?'

"You are the boss for sure!"

"Didn't you just say that you were the king at home?"

"No! I was just kidding! You are more than the king!"

"Didn't you also say that if you scolded me, I dared not to answer back?"

"I was just bragging! I would never dare to scold you in my whole life! I will obey you no matter what you say."

"You also said..."

"My dear, I'm sorry. Please let go of my ear. It's so painful. I promise I won't brag anymore."

Peter almost shed tears to prove himself. He was afraid his ear might be detached from his head.

Alas! He should not have bragged. Since he already made the mistake, he had to take the consequences.

Other guests were stunned when they saw this.

This was how Amelia should be like, and not how Peter was portraying her to be.

So, Peter was only bragging? They were very happy over the punishment Peter got.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Peter, you are so brave. You know what? I admire your courage!" Dora couldn't contain herself and laughed hysterically.

Not far away, Evan wore a sullen face. In his opinion, the two were showing off on purpose. It was all intended for him.

The sweet picture of Peter and Amelia hurt his eyes. He could not allow it to continue.

He looked at Peter through his raging eyes. He swore to himself that he would punish Peter hard, trample him and humiliate him.

Amelia continued to pull Peter's ear and made him walk around for everyone to see. She set him free after she was satisfied.

"Let me introduce you to some guests. This is my friend Dora Lin. They are Morgan Meng, Garrett Kong, Darren Bai, and Joyce Dai."

Amelia introduced them one by one.

Peter greeted them with a smile and reached out to shake hands with them.


. Gradually they became close, and she asked Peter to help her. That was why they were here together.

As Peter spoke, Garrett looked at him with a smile. He then thought of something.

He felt that Peter was not a simple man. The stories Peter boasted meant to provoke Evan and the other prominent young men.

Ever since he entered the room, he kept talking about Amelia and their love stories.

It was obvious that he was showing off to Evan. Whether Peter was Amelia's boyfriend or not, he was able to achieve his goal.

Because Evan and his friends were all offended and provoked by him.

Clop! Clop! Clop! Clop!

While Peter was in high spirits, they heard a sound coming from a horse's feet. Enraged, Evan was riding on a horse and running towards them.

The horse was running so fast as though it was out of control. It kicked up dust and wind along the way. It reached the guest area in a snap.

It seemed like they were not going to stop. Instead, they were going to collide into the crowd.

Peter was sitting on the very edge, and he would be the first one to be hit. If that happened, he would be severely injured if not dead.

The other guests, of course, would also be hurt. But they did not look affected.

Strangely, this crazy horse didn't scare them at all. All the guests sat still as if they didn't see it, even the reaction on their face did not change.

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