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   Chapter 184 A Display Of Affection

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Evan was very disappointed. He didn't expect that Peter would easily beat Dally.

At this moment, though, it would be better for Dally to stop. Doing otherwise would humiliate him.

Reluctantly, he nodded slightly to give him the instruction.

Dally had no other choice but follow.

Peter smiled at him as he held Amelia's waist and swaggered into the hunting ground.

"Can you please let me go?" Amelia whispered, uncomfortable.

"No," Peter said as he shook his head. "I just said we are in our honeymoon period. People will easily see through it if we don't stay close to each other," he explained.

It made sense. He held her even tighter.

As he was helping Amelia, he wanted to gain something from her as well.

Amelia felt angry and humiliated as she felt Peter's arms around her.

She knew that she was not at a position to ask him to stop and that annoyed her.

Soon, they arrived with the other gentlemen.

"Amelia, you're finally here! I missed you so much! I didn't expect you to find Mr. Right in your first year in Golden City. Congratulations!"

said a good-looking woman. Then, she turned to Peter, rolling her eyes. "Bro, can you lend us Amelia for a while?

I know you are in your honeymoon phase and are deeply attached to each other, but Amelia and I have been friends since we were children and we have not seen each other for a long time. Just leave us for a few minutes. We have a lot to make-out."

Bro? Make-out?

Peter looked at her and smirked. Then, he stretched out his other arm towards her. "Come here and you two can make-out in front of me.

I won't mind. I'm very open-m

what you got. Why not kick her ass right now?" she dared.

"What the hell, Dora?" Before Amelia could say more, she heard the sound of a sudden impact of skin against skin. Immediately, she felt a burning sting on her hip.

Peter just slapped her hip unhesitatingly and even rubbed it proudly!

Apparently, kicking her ass was as easy as winking to him.

It was offensive for a man to even do this, especially for Evan.

Peter really liked this woman. He was at a loss on how he would annoy Evan, and this woman just gave him a convenient way to do so.

At this point, the crowd was dumbfounded.

They could not believe Peter just did what he said.

'Oh, dear. He actually slapped Amelia's ass. It's a miracle that Amelia has not lost her temper! Is she the same Amelia that we all know?

It seems that she has finally met her match in Peter. Truly, everyone had a weakness.'

Just as these thoughts filled their minds, the scene dramatically changed.

Amelia stretched out her hand and pinched Peter's ear. "Are you done? How about giving it another shot?" she said.

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