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   Chapter 183 Sneak Attack

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5758

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Amelia's expression changed when she heard what the bodyguard said, but she kept quiet.

She knew he did this on purpose. All members of their group were extremely rich and powerful. They didn't allow people who were not their peers to join them.

If Peter wanted to enter, he had to pass their test. Else, they would not even let him in.

Everyone watched them with interest, except for two men on horseback.

"Do you think the guy can beat up the bodyguard? He looks so ordinary, I wonder what made Miss Mo bring him here." They whispered to each other.

"You're wrong! Amelia has good taste. He is an ordinary man but he must be skilled and smart since Amelia decided to bring him here. If not, that would be quite embarrassing," some whispered back.

"I really don't think so. Evan asked Dally to fight him! Dally is known in the capital as one of the best bodyguards around," one side said.

"So what? Amelia already knows that! Dally won't be able to stop him. Amelia would not bring him here if he were weak," another side argued.

The crowd began to divide. Some were for Peter, and some, against.

There was a number who believed that Peter would fail the bodyguards' test.

Dally was strong and skilled. He was well-known both in the industry and by the underground crime bosses.

The other set of people in the crowd believed that Peter must be a really capable man, considering that Amelia admired him enough to bring him here.

When Evan, one of the men on horseback, saw Amelia and Peter, he gave Dally a strange hand signal and began to laugh grimly.

He was determined to give Peter a difficult set of tests that he would surely not pass, even if he could pass the test set by his g

k!" Dally was so furious that his face turned red. He would admit defeat if Peter beat him fair and square, but what he did was a surprise attack. It did not feel fair.

He stopped Peter so he could help Evan. But now, it seemed that their plan would not work. This made him very angry.

"Yeah, that was a sneak attack!" Peter admitted. "You only said I could go inside if I beat you up and make you fall to the ground. You did not specify that sneak attacks were not allowed," said Peter.

"How dare you!" Dally was really angry but was also lost for words. 'Shame on you, son of a bitch! You are not a gentleman! You do not have the balls to beat me in a fair fight!' Dally thought.

"If you were a true gentleman, you will do as you promised! Let me in. Else, you'll be a disgrace to whom you work for. A lot of people are watching us,"

Peter said, smiling.

Dally wanted to punch Peter so hard, but he knew he was right.

Breaking his word would bring shame to him and Evan. Dignity and honor were very important to the rich and powerful.

Dally didn't know what to do. He looked at Evan and waited for his next instructions.

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