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   Chapter 182 You Can't Get In

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8063

Updated: 2019-03-22 00:04

After Greg heard what Peter said, the look on his face changed in an instant.

It had never occurred to him that Peter had the balls to expose those two things in public, especially considering that everyone knew he was the heir of the Song family.

Peter just exposed that he had slapped Greg twice and managed to have Greg send him 50 million dollars. Wasn't he afraid that the Song family would retaliate against him?

After all, it was a completely different matter between only one person knowing the secret against a larger group of people who were aware of it.

"Peter Wang, do you want to die? Don't think that I'll be scared of you just because you have Amelia behind your back! Let me warn you: I only let you win the last time we battled. I will not let that happen again,"

Greg shouted at Peter. Peter looked at him slyly, a smirk forming from his lips.

Why did he have the courage to provoke Peter today? Was it because his bodyguards were now more powerful than the previous ones that Peter pulverized? Greg's brother Robin must have assigned them to him.

"Oh, I'm so scared," Peter mocked him. "Well, Mr. Song, we're all civilized people, living in a civilized society. What do you want to do? Are you going to hit me?" Peter pretended to be scared and Greg seemed to buy it.

"What do you think? I tell you, apologize to me right now and return my 50 million. Then I'll let you go. Otherwise, I'll have you killed. It's not that hard to decide, really,"

Greg demanded arrogantly.

Yes, he was the offspring of the Song family. He not only had strong bodyguards around him, but his brother was also in the clubhouse. Peter had no reason to not be afraid.

It wasn't like the small cafe they were in last time. Even if Peter was a bold person, he wouldn't even think of attacking him in front of so many celebrities.

"Haven't I already apologized to you?" Peter asked, puzzled. "Also, it's not like I took your money. You gave the 50 million to me. Why should I return it? Show me the receipt.

Mr. Song, it's a civilized society. Please don't always shout at people and threaten to kill them. If you keep on like that, people will start to notice."

"The hell do you care about how I speak? Apologize and return the money. I will not take no for an answer."

Greg fumed, voice raising higher as the tension ensued. He already wanted to punch Peter's face. 'This assh

When some of them looked at him, he smirked and winked at them.

Those girls felt kind of annoyed being stared at by Peter. They blushed and looked away, ashamed. 'Even he has such a beautiful woman around him, he still fixes his eyes on us. What a playboy!'

They two soon arrived at the hunting grounds, where two young men were riding on horseback, armed with a bow and carrying sharp arrows on their back, galloping their horses and shooting prey in the distant mountains.

At the edge of the hunting grounds, there were seven or eight young men and women sitting around a table, appreciating the hunting while drinking wine.

Outside the area, dozens of bodyguards in suits were standing guard. These bodyguards were scattered around the periphery of the hunting grounds. They surrounded the hunting grounds.

Each of them was very unusual, seemingly too bulky and too strong to just be some average 'guards'. Their eyes looked around the same way an eagle would, preventing any suspicious persons from approaching.

This close defense showed that the men and women with them in the hunting grounds were high society people.

The appearance of Peter and Amelia instantly caught the attention of the bodyguards and the young men and women in the hunting grounds. They gazed at them playfully, eyes in a haze from all the liquor.

Soon Peter and Amelia came near the bodyguards. One of them looked at Amelia and made way for her directly. Amelia walked past.

But, when it came to Peter, the bodyguard halted him.

"Sorry, but I can't allow you to get in," he said to Peter, coldly.

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