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   Chapter 181 I Need To Thank You

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"No, I didn't say that. You must have misheard me," Frank shook his head and denied resolutely. He dared not to admit it, because he knew that Peter had a hot temper. He would beat him up if he said yes.

"You didn't?" Peter glared at him. "Do you take me as a fool?

I heard you, loud and clear. You said that you wanted to pay three times the price for my clothes, which was why I rushed out of the fitting room. See, I haven't even changed to my own clothes. So you are clearly lying to me,"

Peter said, very angry. He was fuming, as if he was about to hit Frank.

Frank was frightened to death. To prevent things from getting worse, he finally admitted, "Yes, I did say that. What you heard was correct."

"Good boy. Be an honest man and be true to your words," Peter replied as his face was softened. "This suit I am wearing is ninety-one thousand. Three times the price means that you will pay two hundred and seventy-three thousand. You can give me two hundred and seventy thousand, instead. I'll give the three thousand as a discount for you," he continued.

Frank looked at him, infuriated.

'Fuck! The price tag indicates that it is only forty-eight thousand. How is it possible that it's ninety-one thousand! He's definitely taking advantage of me!' Frank thought.

Despite what he knew, Frank did not dare refuse Peter. He nodded reluctantly. "No problem. I'll pay you right now!"

Tina and Suzy couldn't believe what just happened.

Was Frank the same person who slapped in their faces?

Suzy, especially, was stunned.

She knew who Frank was. How could a man as powerful as him just give in to Peter's orders like that?

Then she remembered what Peter said, that he was good at putting arrogant, rich kids in their place. Apparently, he was not just bragging. He clearly had done it quite often.

"It's done. You can go now!" Peter told Frank as soon as he received the money.

Despite Frank's anger, he did not dare say another word. He took his leave along with his companion right away.

He even forgot to bring his expensive suit wi


Peter looked at him and grinned. "Oh, is this Mr. Song? Nice to see you again!

You think my clothes are nice? Me too. I love them! But I need to thank you first. Without the fifty million dollars you sent, I would not have been able to afford such expensive clothes.

By the way, how is your face now? Does it still hurt? My apologies. I can't believe I slapped you twice. I was irrational at that time. I regret doing so.

I really wanted to apologize, but I never could find a chance. I'm glad I finally got to do that today. I'm really sorry. I hope that you can forgive me,"

Peter said. Despite his speech, it was clear that he did not mean a word of it.

"What? He was able to slap Greg twice?" "He managed to have him send fifty million?

How is this possible?" "Greg is from Song family. How could he be slapped by a security guard, and even get him to pay him money?"

"There is no way that this guy is only a security guard. He must come from a powerful family, too!"

The crowd whispered and gossiped away.

Greg was not an ordinary rich kid.

He was from Song family! He might not be as powerful as Robin, but he was also a true-born son of the Song family. Who would dare provoke him?

This guy was clearly exceptional considering that he was still alive even after crossing Greg. Surely this guy was more powerful than how he appeared to be.

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