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   Chapter 179 Teach You A Lesson

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"Am I correct? I believe I am. Don't be mad at me, it's just business. If you can't afford them, then I am sorry but we can't provide you with our services.

Did you just say you wanted to complain to my boss? Sorry, but neither our director nor manager is here today. I will handle this complaint.

I'm telling you, you can't try our clothes unless you pay them. Even if my boss were here, the rule would still be the same. Honestly, you really should not have entered our shop with your ragged clothes,"

Suzy said arrogantly. Complaints from these types of customers did not scare her at all. She talked down at Peter and Amelia as if they were beggars. Such a snob!

Peter couldn't stand her anymore.

Money was everything nowadays. Even a saleswoman looked down on her customers. The customer should be the king! What a shame!

Peter decided to fight back. He looked at Suzy and pretended to be surprised. "Ouch, Missus, how did you know I could not afford these clothes?

You are really sharp. Is it because of your decades of experience on the job? I can tell from your age," he said.

Missus? Decades of experience? My age?

Suzy fumed with anger. "How dare you call me Missus! I'm only twenty years old. Can't you see that I look very young?" she yelled.

She found it very insulting to be mistaken for someone old. She was only twenty, beautiful as a flower. It was important for her to contest that.

"Twenty?" Peter looked intently at her, shook his head and said, "No. You are lying. Surely your age must be double that!"

"Fu-" Suzy started, nearly losing her cool. Was he doing this on purpose?

Before Suzy could finish, Peter added, "Am I correct? I believe I am. To be honest, I do not think that you are suitable for this job considering your age and your looks.

You are neither beautiful nor fashionable enough to sell those clothes. For the sake of your customers, please leave. What's more, you are such a snob! You bring shame to this shop and this brand!"


rned deadly pale.

Peter paid ninety-one thousand, no more, no less.

She blushed with embarrassment. She did not expect Peter to be capable of paying that much.

Son of a bitch! Why did he wear such cheap clothes? Did he do it just to fool her?

The thought that she would have to lie down and bark like a dog tortured her. Doing it would really be a disgrace.

She wanted to negotiate, but when she saw his aggressive eyes, she decided against it. She had to do it, she had no choice. Choosing to ignore everyone else watching, she proceeded to lower herself down.

She wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. Otherwise, it might affect her job. It could even get her fired.

Suddenly, Peter stopped her. "I was just kidding. Don't be serious. We are human beings, not dogs," he said.

"But do remember not to be a snob anymore. You should learn from your colleague. Be humble. Can you promise me that? This is a lesson for you," he finished.

Peter was not mean. He was only trying to teach her a lesson.

"Thank you, sir. I promise," she replied, relieved and also ashamed.

Peter took the clothes to the fitting room, not paying attention to her again.

"Hey! Where are the latest clothes in this shop?" asked a gruff voice the moment Peter entered the fitting room. A man and a woman entered the shop.

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