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   Chapter 178 The Snob

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8152

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Since Amelia was going to take Peter to the party and make him her boyfriend, she would surely not allow Peter to wear shabby clothes. It would be a disgrace to be seen with him and they would be mocked by others.

So, she took Peter to a famous shopping mall in Golden City and went straight to the Armani store.

Two salesgirls were in the store. One was sitting behind the checkout counter, lazily playing with her mobile phone while leaning back on a chair. The other was standing beside her in an awkward position.

Seeing Peter and Amelia coming in, the salesgirl who was playing with her mobile phone glanced at them, and then continued playing with her phone. She completely ignored them. She did not say a word, let alone welcome them.

The other salesgirl, however, greeted them with a warm smile, "Hello, welcome to our store."

"We'll see for ourselves. Thank you," Amelia said politely to the salesgirl and went on to look at the men's wear with Peter.

The salesgirl said nothing and returned to the checkout counter.

"Tina, are you being silly? Can't you see that they are those people who cannot afford the clothes here?

Let me tell you, it's very important for us to distinguish the poor guys from the rich ones. Look at them, I can tell at first glance that they will not buy any clothes, but they will merely look around. So, be a smart girl and don't waste your energy serving them."

Noticing Tina was back at the counter, the salesgirl playing with her mobile phone finally put down her phone, and advised her as if she was the supervisor.

"Suzy, as a salesgirl, shouldn't we regard all our customers as God? I don't think that we should look at them differently or look down on them.

Even if they don't buy anything, as long as they walk into our store, they are our customers. What's more, how do we know whether they will buy or not unless we ask? Right?"

Tina did not agree with Suzy's opinion, and she retorted in a low voice, biting her lips.

"Customers are God? How ridiculous!" Hearing Tina's words, Suzy was a little annoyed. "If a beggar comes in, will you offer him your passionate service as well? Isn't that a waste of time?

If you refuse to listen to my advice, you'll learn your lesson. If all the salesgirls are like you and treat every customer in the store so enthusiastically, we are all going to be worn out. Do you dare to have a bet with me? I bet that they will no

ag, why can't I judge them?" Suzy didn't care at all, and she said in an arrogant tone as before, "I've seen so many people like them who pretend to be better than others, but this is the first time I've seen someone who is so pretentious."

Tina did not know what to say, but looked at Peter and Amelia with an apologetic expression.

Of course, Peter and Amelia would not argue with a salesgirl, so they did not pay much attention to her.

Soon, Amelia selected several suits, and then looked at Tina. "Hello, we would like to try on these suits."

"Yes, madam," Tina responded and walked over to them. However, when she was about to take the clothes down for them, Suzy came near and stopped her.

"These clothes cost tens of thousands in total. Can you afford them? Don't try them on if you can't afford them. We can't tell our boss if they get dirty or damaged."

Her tone was haughty and she was damned snobbish.

"Suzy, don't say that." Tina was embarrassed and tried to stop her immediately, but she was interrupted by Suzy. "Am I wrong? Look at them, do they look like they can afford these clothes? I'm not afraid of them!"

"Miss, is this how you treat your customer, with that kind of attitude? Has your boss, your manager, ever given you any training on how to serve your customer? Where is your manager? I want to complain to your manager."

Amelia was not a gentle woman. The only reason why she was being patient was that she did not want to argue with a salesgirl in a store, but now the girl continued to provoke her in such a bold and arrogant way. She would not put up with her anymore.

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