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   Chapter 177 A Serious Consequence

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7105

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"Yes, I am aware," Bella confirmed. She knew how powerful Song family was and she knew that Robin's visit meant she had to be extra careful.

Still, she did not understand why he came. Although she was part of Song family, she had already been disowned. Her affiliation to the clan should not hold much enough weight to draw Robin's attention.

She did not think it was Silverland Group, either. It might be one of the biggest companies in Golden City, but it was still nothing compared to the Song family's assets.

She rubbed her head as she did her best to figure it out, but it was too puzzling that it made her head hurt.

"Bella, don't worry about Robin. I'm here and I will not let him hurt you. I'll upgrade security for you. From now on, you'll have special guards to escort you wherever you go,"

Peter said as he walked over and gave her a hug. He felt sorry to see her in such pain.

He would do anything to comfort Bella at this moment.

"Thanks," Bella replied as she indulged herself with his embrace. It made her feel better to have someone she could rely on, on difficult moments.

Peter gently massaged her temples as he made her lie down on the sofa.

"I know things have been tough for you lately, Bella. You should rest,"

he said. He looked at her with love and care. For the first time, her beautiful face and amazing body did not excite him.

She was clearly fatigued at that moment. He wanted nothing more but to drive away everything that worried her.

Bella felt deeply touched by Peter's support. She looked at his gentle eyes, closed her own and hugged him tight

as she allowed herself to fall asleep in the bliss of Peter's soothing massage.

A few minutes later, Peter's phone rang.

He immediately stepped out of Bella's office and answered.

It was Amelia. She didn't talk much but she asked to meet him, saying they had to talk about something urgent.

Peter didn't dare to waste any time. He told Clair to leave Bella alone so that she could rest. Then, he met with the security force and left orders to protect Bella whether she was at home or in the office

l did not trust her.

It was difficult for her to understand her feelings at that moment. On one hand, she appreciated his calmness and foresight. On the other hand, she was upset that Peter did not trust her.

Amelia rubbed her head gently and forced her unnecessary thoughts aside. She then got right to the point of the meeting. "If what you are saying is true, then I respect your decision.

One more thing. I want you to accompany me to a party tonight. Someone I do not like from the capital organized oit and invited me. Can you join me?"

she asked, and Peter began to see things more clearly.

This was the real purpose of the meeting. The heads-up on the investigation was only a cover.

What a smart woman!

Peter felt bad as he knew that he was about to displease another elite gentleman following Robin. He could imagine how difficult a situation that would be.

An able man was always busy!

Knowing that he would not be able to refuse, he nodded.

Amelia sighed with relief.

She selected Peter after careful evaluation. He was an excellent shield and he would be able to protect himself against the guy she was avoiding if things got bad.

She didn't have a better choice. Ordinary citizens would instantly be intimidated after hearing the man's background. Even if they didn't, they would easily be overwhelmed by his strength and abilities. But Peter was not an ordinary man.

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