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   Chapter 176 Abandoned Child Of Song Family

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6297

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"You have balls. Nobody dares to make fun of me,"

Robin stared at Peter and said to him coldly. He would have given Peter a hard lesson if only he had his bodyguards with him.

He thought Peter and Bella would show respect to him and follow his orders. But he did not expect Bella to dare refuse him directly. And even this nobody didn't give a damn about him!

"Wow!" Peter pointed at Robin as he finished. He looked at Robin with ridicule. "What do you think? Do you want to scare us off by boasting about your powerful background?

Who the hell are you? I did not hear anything about you before. Do you want to introduce yourself to us? You are nothing to me! I'm not even impressed by who you say you are!

Let me tell you, I have seen many guys who like to show off their background like you! If I tell you that I am from Wang family, will you believe that?

Haha!" said Peter.

Bella couldn't help but laugh loudly when she heard Peter. 'Good job, Peter!' thought Bella.

Robin became very furious at that moment.

However, there was nothing he could do right now. He was not a match for Peter, and he did not bring his men with him!

Elsie shouted at them, "You are dead! You are totally dead! He is from Song family, one of the eight most prominent families in the capital! You offended him and you are completely screwed up!"

"Really?" Peter sneered at her and waved his fists. "You will be screwed up if you don't shut up! Do you know that?"

Elsie was shocked and dared not say anything.

She knew Peter was capable of giving her a hard lesson if she continued. She was a nobody. After all, he paid no attention to Robin! She was unable to fight against him if Peter punched her.

Peter nodded his head with satisfaction when Elsie shut up. "Great! You are just a dog! You should be quiet!"

'Son of a bitch! You are a dog!'

Elsie was so mad

hough that guy called Robin is arrogant and obnoxious, he has a powerful background. You should be careful!"

Bella was an experienced businesswoman. She was not stupid and could tell Robin was an important person.

She was deeply touched by what Peter did today.

Although Peter made her angry sometimes, he could protect her when she was in trouble.

Even Bella herself was not aware that since when Peter had played an important role in her life.

"Bella, you don't have to mention it. We are not just friends. How dare he threaten to make our company go bankrupt and make you a beggar!

Don't worry about me! I can protect myself! If he comes to me, I will not let him go easily.

I'm really worried about you! You need to be more careful! Hire more bodyguards to keep you safe," Peter said to her sincerely.

He knew how powerful Song family was.

It was one of the most powerful and richest families in H Country. No one dared to anger that family.

That was why he did not give Robin a hard lesson while he was at the office. Otherwise, he would not speak to him anymore and just punch him directly.

Deep inside, Peter was greatly shocked.

'Bella is the abandoned child of Song family? I can't believe that!' he thought.

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