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   Chapter 175 Threats From Robin

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6829

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A man and a woman entered the CEO office with an elegant grace.

They were introduced by an important person in Golden City. They said they came here for business.

Therefore, Bella treated them with the utmost respect, but she did not expect that they were here to threaten her!

The man was Robin. He claimed that he was Bella's brother. The woman was Elsie Feng. She was Robin's girlfriend.

"My dear sister, I heard that your boyfriend is Peter? Are you insane? You have brought shame to our family!

Even if you have been abandoned when you were just a baby, you are still related to the Song family! How dare you make this Director of the Security Department as your boyfriend? He is just a nobody!

Shame on you! Don't be a dishonor to our family. I'm telling you to break up with him immediately. You can't be involved with him anymore!

Besides, that Peter blackmailed our brother, Greg. He tricked Greg out of 50 million dollars! You should know that!

Son of a bitch! Who does he think he is! How dare he cheat on us? Tell Peter to return the money, confess, and apologize to Greg right now!

He is just a small-time security guard, garbage at the bottom of society! He can't challenge our authority!"

Robin crossed his legs, pointed at Bella and instructed her arrogantly.

As a matter of fact, he was not going to see Bella. But when he heard what happened to Greg, he could not stand it anymore.

For him, Peter was looking for death! He cheated on his family and he should be dead.

Greg did not dare to exact revenge, but Robin was not afraid of Peter. He decided to give Peter a hard lesson.

Robin came here for two reasons. He wanted to ask the money back and to humiliate both Bella and Peter.

Looking at his face, Bella was furious. She slammed her hands on her desk and stood up.

"Listen to me, you are not my brother, and I am not your sister! I have nothing to do with your Song family! We are just strangers!

Let me tell you that I have the right to date anyone I want! You have no say

r. "I don't need to show you respect! You said you are going to make our company go bankrupt!

Besides, who the hell are you? I'm talking to your boss and how dare you, a female dog, talk to me?" said Peter.

"What did you say? A female dog? Who is the female dog?" Elsie jumped up instantly and shouted. She was so angry that her neck went red.

No one dared to humiliate her like this!

"Am I wrong? Are you a male dog?" Peter took a step back and looked at Elsie Feng carefully.


Bella could not help but burst into laughter. 'Peter is always good at this! Sometimes, he could really be mean to his enemies.'

Elsie Feng was so mad that she wanted to pounce on Peter. But, Robin stopped her.

Robin looked at Peter coldly and threatened, "You have crossed the line, young man! A saying goes that disaster stems from a careless talk. Have you heard that?"

It seemed that he was giving a lesson to an inferior.

He thought Peter would feel scared once he was finished. However, Peter just shook his head and replied. "I haven't heard that. Can you explain it to me?"

Peter looked really serious. Bella couldn't help but laugh out again. 'My gosh! He is so funny!' Bella thought to herself.

At the moment, she felt much better and relaxed.

Robin looked at Peter grimly.

'What a bastard! How dare he treat me like this?'

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