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   Chapter 174 Who's The Poor Guy

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6559

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Both Shelly and Lisa were taken aback with the woman's arrogance. 'Does she think she can look down on people just because she's rich?' they thought.

The manager looked at the woman. He had a good eye-sight as a manager. The man was rich, for sure, but the manager could not say the same thing about the woman. She did not look like she shared the same status.

He readied himself as it looked like there was going to be a fight between these two groups of customers. In his mind, he blamed his fellow employees for they had put the BMW that Peter had bought in the exhibition area.

Peter stood up surprised at their condescending expression. "Do you think you can afford to buy the BMW?" he asked.

"Of course I am. Am I a joke to you? Not everyone is like you. You're clearly not as rich as you pretend to be,"

the woman named Lucy replied. She did not believe that neither Shelly, Lisa nor Peter could afford any of the cars in the shop. To her, Peter was just a loser who liked to pick up girls.

"Oh, wow. You are so smart. A genius! You are so brilliant!" Peter said sarcastically.

"But also, I wonder if you can call the shots. Why don't you ask the gentlemen beside you first? That car is quite expensive, after all," Peter continued.

'The way this guy talks is quite unsophisticated. Surely, with his status, he would consider a million-dollar car expensive, ' Lucy believed.

She looked at him wordlessly and turned to her companion. Peter was right; she could not afford the BMW herself. She needed to ask permission from her sugar daddy first.

Her partner played it cool. Of course he would not let the chance go.

He knew that doing otherwise in front of all these girls would not be beneficial for either of them.

He nodded and said, "You don't need to ask me. I don't mind buying a BMW. The money is not a problem. She can make her own decisions."

This totally met Lucy's vanity. She quickly stood on tiptoe and kisse

, you are fantastic. The woman totally deserved it!"

"Absolutely. Being rich doesn't give them the right to act like snobs."

Shelly and Lisa gave Peter some thumbs up.

"I am fantastic at a lot of things. I can show you some of my other talents tonight," Peter said with a smirk.

"You're nasty!"

"Peter you are such a bad guy!" Shelly and Lisa replied.

Then, the three of them drove away after finishing all the paperwork.

Peter drove his Hummer as Shelly and Lisa drove their BMW.

They were delighted with the new car and it was not difficult for Peter to understand why.

Lisa, especially, needed a break after what she went through with Brody. Peter did not stop them but reminded them to be careful and to call him if they needed something.

Peter soon arrived at the office in his new car. The mouth of the security guards fell when they saw who the driver was.

'Peter's so awesome that he is able to afford a Hummer! He is surely a great person to follow, ' they thought.

It was clear that the Hummer was new. It even did not have a license plate yet.

Peter enjoyed the attention. He fixed his hair, graciously greeted his colleagues, and went straight to the President's office.

At the Executive Office, Bella did not look pleased with her two uninvited guests.

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