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   Chapter 173 A Conceited Woman

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8204

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The young man glared at Shelly and Lisa. Both of them suddenly felt the hair rise on the back of their neck.

He stared at them like a serpent at its preys. 'So disgusting!' the two girls thought in unison.

Peter frowned, annoyed at what was happening.

'Damn, this guy sure is desperate. I should teach him a lesson, ' Peter thought.

Peter was furious. He wanted to hit him. The man withdrew his gaze as he left the car shop with his peers.

Peter squinted at him, but decided not to follow them.

'They seem to be really powerful opponents, ' thought Peter.

"Do you know that guy?" a young, beautiful woman asked as she stared at the man, after they left the car shop.

She thought that he seemed to know him by the way he acted. It was peculiar for this man, however, to know someone like him. He was just a nobody!

'Such a nobody would definitely be no match for him!' thought the woman.

"No, I don't know him." The young man shook his head. He stared out in the distance, a mysterious glint in his eyes.

He lied. He knew Peter — he saw a photo of him well over a month ago. But it was actually his first time meeting him.

'Who the fuck does he think he is to take my fianceé! I definitely remember that bastard's face!' He never expected that he'd meet him in the car shop.

He had to repress his urge to lunge the bastard right into the ground and stomp on him. 'It doesn't matter. I'm planning to stay in Golden City for a while anyway. I can teach him a lesson anytime.'

The man rumored to be running around Golden City to look for his fianceé was Evan.

"Okay then," the woman replied. She knew that Evan was lying, but dismissed it. All she wanted to know was who that man was.

Besides the woman, Evan's other peers were all eager to know the man's identity. 'How could such a nobody get on Evan's nerves?'

Peter didn't know him at all, let alone the relationship between Evan and Amelia. Soon, the manager of the car shop took them around the back to see the new Hummer and BMW he had bought.

Shelly and Lisa were surprised by the two luxury cars, especially the handsome, bright red BMW. They were excited.

Despite their humble origins, they now owned a BMW. It was the first BMW really belonging to them in their lives.

"Awesome!" the two ladies cooed with excitement. Peter said the BMW belonged to both of them. They squealed in delight. They couldn't wait to test drive it immediately.


itch, you must be jealous of my perfect figure,"

she said conceitedly as she jumped up and unveiled her plump breasts and ass. "A good shape deserves appreciation by men. I know you wouldn't dare to dress like me, because you are not endowed with a good shape at all!"

Lisa blushed when seeing the unveiling private parts of the woman's body.

'What a shameless woman!' thought Lisa.

Shelly was dumbfounded. She didn't expect the woman would be so shameless, as well.

The manager was also shocked. Although he was unhappy for the woman mistook him for the shop assistant and disliked her conceited manner, he repressed his anger when seeing her plump breasts and ass.

'Good shape! So lucky today!'

"Well, the cat gets your tongue? Come on! Talk back to me again!" Since they all remained silent, the woman got more arrogant. "You, the shop assistant! How much is the BMW? I'll buy it."

She pulled down her skirt a little, plunged into the man's arm and said, "Darling, I want this."

"Well, I'll definitely buy it for you if you like it." The man patted her plump ass quietly.

He then cast his eyes on Shelly and Lisa, and stared at Peter provokingly.

'It feels good to show off in the presence of the two beauties. They would definitely give in to such a rich and generous gentleman like me, ' he thought happily.

With the man's agreement, the woman was more than happy. She pointed at Shelly and Lisa and said, "You paupers shouldn't come here, and you could never ever afford a BMW. Let me teach you a lesson! Open your eyes and see! The real wealthy would act like this!"

What a conceited woman!

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