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   Chapter 172 The Encounter

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6142

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"Don't move, asshole! Fight us like a real man.

How fast do you think you can run? Coward!"

Brody meant to end the fight and leave as soon as possible. They intended to drive Peter away from the corridor so that they could pass.

However, he did not expect that his partners would either be beaten up or sent to downstairs. This made them really furious.

They looked at Peter like an enemy they would want to punish cruelly at all cost.

"What did you say? Do you think I would be so stupid to stay and wait for you to kick my ass? Idiots! Catch me if you can! Asshole!"

Peter snorted and provoked them on purpose. However, soon after that, he found himself facing a dead end.

At first, Brody and his partners were so angry and infuriated by Peter's provocation. But they soon burst into waves of laughter when they saw Peter's predicament.

'This is great! Things have turned to our favor, ' they thought.

"Hey, asshole! Where can you run now? Come on. Run! I'm here waiting for you!"

Brody laughed loudly and started beating Peter's face with his fist. Peter's sarcastic expression was so annoying that he would like to crush it to revenge.

"Ouch! No! Not my face! You can't do that!" Peter screamed in panic, pretending to be frightened.

Contrary to his words, Peter's reaction was quick and relentless. Before Brody's fist could touch his face, his right palm swung back and struck it.

At the same time, as quick as a lightning, Peter's right foot kicked Brody real hard. This threw him out like a ball, bouncing down the stairs.

"Ouch! Help! I'm so hurt!" After Brody was beaten up, Peter screamed and twisted his face as if in pain. He acted like he was the victim.

Brody's partners were so confused that they couldn't tell what really happened.

Peter had acted so fast. They were just watchi

soon. Despite the commotion and loss at the auto mall earlier, they could still provide timely service. The owner must be someone powerful and competent.

Soon enough, they arrived at the mall. When they came in, they saw six young men and women inside.

The men and women looked beautiful and wore expensive clothes. Their refined and gentle manners hinted that they were born from prominent families.

They were talking about cars. Peter could tell from their behavior that they were really rich.

Peter did not pay any more attention to them. He looked ahead and followed the manager to his cars.

However, the moment he looked away, one of the young men who seemed to be the leader turned to Peter's direction. He looked at Peter fiercely.

Peter, being so experienced, sensed the unusual hostility inside the room. It was too obvious for him to ignore.

Peter frowned, and looked back, confused. He did not recognize the man at all. Why was he looking at him like that?

When the young man's eyes met Peter's, he did not try to look away. Instead, he grinned maliciously.

He looked at Peter from head to toe. When he caught sight of Shelly and Lisa, his smile widened like a wolf who found its prey.

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