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   Chapter 170 Brody Zhang

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Minnie was really angrily. She walked towards the door of Peter's room and opened it, while Liam and his sister watched silently, in shock.

"What are you doing here?" Peter sputtered out, surprised at the unwelcome guest. He was almost bare naked in bed, ready to sleep — so he proceeded to cover himself up with a blanket.

He looked at her like he saw a ghost.

Minnie blushed. She felt embarrassed once she entered the room. But now, when she saw Peter's expression, she became amused.

She smiled charmingly and stroked her hair seductively, saying, "I want to sleep with you.

Don't you remember what happened on Pank Mountain? I promised to show you something." She approached his bed while she was speaking, and pointed at her chest.

She sat down on his bed, swinging her legs leisurely. They were in beautiful shape, long and fair.

"Hmm..." Peter's head started to ache as he wrapped himself tighter. "Minnie, it was a joke! Don't take it seriously. I never meant to underestimate you. I know they're big. Okay?"

How ridiculous was this? The only thing Peter wanted to do was to sleep.

"No! I meant what I said. I'll do what I promised." She pouted her lips jokingly. All of a sudden, Minnie snatched a corner of his blanket and slipped right into it.

"Hey! How can you do that? Are you insane?" Peter complained on the bed as he felt Minnie pressed her warm body up against his. He didn't dare to move.

"I always keep my word. Whatever, you have to listen to me. You can't touch me tonight. Am I clear?" After she finished, she turned her back against him and closed her eyes.

Her heart pounded so fast and hard that she worried whether Peter could hear it. She wondered if she was being too reckless. If Peter could see her face now, he'd see it all red and flushed.

They spent the night peacefully.

Peter hadn't had much sleep, even though he was pretty exhausted. He only hoped that time could fly faster.

Once he woke up, he left the villa as soon as he could.

It was a bright, sunny day with a soft breeze.

Peter felt that the beautiful weather somehow affected him, as if all his unhappiness from before faded away. When

her place the next morning.

Those robust and rude young men together with him were all scoundrels in their village. They were just as bad as Brody Zhang. Since they were illiterate and couldn't understand legal processes, they felt free to do anything they wanted.

"Joking? What the fuck are you talking about?" Brody Zhang was irritated by Lisa's words. He shouted angrily, "Ah. You mean what your father told was a joke decades ago. Then how about what you promised two days ago? Was that also a joke? Are you fucking kidding me?

Bullshit! I'll forgive you this time, Lisa Ye, since you are my wife. If you try to deny it any more, I'll teach you what obedience is.

You promised to marry me yourself. Don't dream of fooling me. I'm at the right here."

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As he was speaking, Brody Zhang pounded on the door even harder.

The frail door seemed to be collapsing under his strike.

Lisa was so frightened. She replied, "I agreed because you forced me. I was in danger! I was not willing to marry you!"

Shelly couldn't help herself blurting aloud, "Brody Zhang, shame on you to force Lisa to marry you.

You even wounded Lisa's father! You have violated the law! Go away, or we'll call the police!"

"Who the fuck are you, bitch? I'm talking with my wife. Go away and mind your own business! Open the door! Bitch! Wait there! I'll beat you first, and marry you to my brother!"

Brody Zhang threatened Shelly.

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