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   Chapter 169 What Do You Mean

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6380

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Liam stared at Calvin and lost his temper. All of a sudden, his eyes turned red and the air was full of danger. It seemed that he turned into a fierce animal!

Calvin and the other guys around him started to panic. They were too scared to move their body. They were finding it hard to breathe.

"What? What do you want? Don't kill me!" Calvin wetted his pants and cried out.

Liam was too terrifying! At that moment, he was like a demon to Calvin!

He looked really dreadful.

However, it seemed that Liam did not hear him. He walked towards Calvin purposely and in anger.

The only thing on his mind was the image of his dear sister being held as a hostage and threatened.

He was so furious that he wanted to kill this son of a bitch!

He hated Calvin as much as he hated Diego.

Peter's face changed when he saw this. "Stop, Liam."

The country was governed by law! He couldn't just kill people! Besides, he couldn't kill someone in front of these rich people!

Even Peter dared not kill people in public! He knew it could get him in big trouble.

All at once, Liam came to his senses when he heard Peter. He stopped immediately.

He looked at Calvin coldly and walked towards Peter instead.

Obviously, he realized that he was making a mistake.

Calvin felt greatly relieved as Liam turned his back on him. He fell on the floor feeling weak and limp.

Deep inside, he was so scared that he thought he would definitely die today.

"Liam, are you okay?" Anne was worried about her brother.

She did not understand what happened to her brother. 'Oh my gosh! My brother looked so terrifying at the fight scene! What made him behave like that?' she asked herself.

"I'm fine." Liam felt much better as he saw Anne. His eyes were full of love and care.

"Mr. Wang, I'm sorry." He apologized to Peter.

"Let's go. Remember not to lose your temper next time. Control yourself

ul family. People would be greatly shocked if they saw what she was doing.

In fact, Minnie felt embarrassed. But she made a mistake and wanted to make up for Peter.

Peter felt satisfied now. 'Well, I feel much better now. I can forgive her and enjoy the dinner, ' he thought.

However, Peter was shocked.

Minnie was not good at doing this. She was spilling the noodles on his body!

"Sorry! I'm sorry!" Minnie started to panic and didn't know what to do.

"Okay, you can stop. I can eat the dinner by myself." Peter was not mad, but he decided to finish the dinner by himself.

'Maybe I am not that lucky to be served by her!' he thought.

After he was finished, Peter went to his room to rest.

It was a big villa! There were plenty of rooms! Peter did not ask Minnie to sleep with her.

In his eyes, Minnie was just a little girl! He had never wanted to take advantage of her! He would never ask her to have sex with him.

On her part, Minnie was a little worried. After all, she made a promise at Pank Mountain. She would sleep with Peter and show her boobs to him.

But when Peter did not mention it, Minnie became a little disappointed deep inside.

'What do you mean? Am I not charming? Are you not interested in me?' she asked herself.

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