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   Chapter 168 A Furious Liam

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8157

Updated: 2019-03-15 00:03

"Why are you talking to Calvin like that?

You fucking son of a bitch! You dare to play tricks on Aline, and now you dare to play tricks on Calvin? You fucking wanna die!

You're too damn stupid. I'm going to cut your balls off today."

Compared with Calvin's anger, the young men behind him were even more furious. They each pulled out their sharp knives.

Peter was silent for a while, thinking, 'Are students really so horrible nowadays? Taking out a knife just like that?'

As a former boxing champion, Liam was not frightened by a group of children. He was about to rush out with his clenched fists, but was interrupted by Aline, who stepped forward and faced Calvin. She scolded him and asked, "Calvin, what are you doing?"

She was pissed off and had always considered Calvin to be too annoying. He drove her crazy most of the times.

She was planning to take Peter away from Minnie, but now Calvin was claiming to be her boyfriend. This would certainly ruin her plan.

Of course, if Calvin could really overpower Peter, she would not step out and say this, but she knew that Calvin was not a match for Peter at all.

If she did not step out and stop him from acting as her boyfriend, eventually he would be knocked down by Peter, and it would be more embarrassing to face Minnie.

"Aline, this big fool took advantage of you. I must give him a lesson for what he did to you. Don't worry. I will cut off his hands and make him pay the price," said Calvin.

Looking at the torn clothes on Aline's upper body and the fair skin underneath, he could not control his anger, thinking that Liam had put his hands upon it.

'Son of a bitch, I fantasized touching Aline's skin there, but it was this big fool that did it.'

"What are you saying?" Aline looked at Calvin and then at Liam, somewhat confused.

When she saw Liam smiling at her and Peter hiding behind him and snickering without even looking at her, she became more upset.

"Are you a man or not? You took advantage of me and you didn't dare admit it? Instead, you asked another man to be your scapegoat?" Aline was very resentful of that.

"What? So it's the man behind who did it?" Calvin realized he was fooled and got mad. "Bastard, you dare to make a fool of me? I will chop your balls off!"

"You shut up!" As Calvin was cursing Peter, Aline stopped him. "Calvin, since when did you become my boyfriend? I have nothing to do with you, so mind yo

t do I do now? I came here to stand up for Aline. First, she doesn't appreciate it and now I am to be beaten down by this man. What the hell? Why am I in this tragic and miserable situation?'

As Calvin was contemplating his situation, Liam had made his way to him, grinning. He picked him up like a little chicken while everyone stared at him, frightened.

"Let go of me. Let go of me. I'm telling you, Diego was my boss. If you dare hurt me, you would be dealt with death!"

Although Calvin was scared to death, he was also the head of his brotherhood. How could he act like a coward in front of them? So he mustered his courage and shouted.

"Diego?" Liam was shocked for a while, but then he flew into a rage and punched Calvin so hard, he was thrown on the ground.


Calvin fell hard and it broke his spine. He screamed in pain and panic filled his eyes.

He did not expect that Liam would not be threatened by Diego's name. Even if Diego was dead, his followers were still alive, and they were not weak men that could easily be bullied.

Liam did not care about Calvin's fear and panic. He continued to crush him with anger on his face.

If Calvin did not mention Diego's name, Liam would have been unruffled. But when Calvin mentioned him, Liam remembered how Diego had taken his sister hostage. He had a reason to get furious.

Moreover, he knew almost all of Diego's followers. No one dared to provoke Liam.

If Calvin knew beforehand that Liam was the owner of the boxing house under Diego, he would have never provoked him.

The boss Calvin mentioned, was definitely a nobody for Liam.

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