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   Chapter 164 The Arrival Of Robin Song

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The arrival of Bella surprised the three people in the ward. They all looked at her immediately.

At the sight of Bella, Peter trembled in fear.

'Oh my gosh! Why is she here?

If she saw me flirting with Amaris, she will definitely kill me!'

"Oh, my head hurts! The pain is killing me!" He came up with an idea. Peter covered his head with his hands and collapsed on the bed.

The three ladies stared at him, speechless. 'What poor acting!

Do you think we could be fooled so easily? Your poor acting is so obvious. Even a fool would surely notice.'

"Well, just let the pain kill you!" Bella said coldly, slammed the door and left angrily.

She was busy and did not want to waste any more time watching his poor performance. What's more, she was not the heroine of the play. She didn't want to see the play acted by him and other women.

"Ah, it hurts! I'm dying!" Peter was still crying out with his eyes closed.

Amaris slapped his head crossly and rolled her eyes. "You could stop your poor acting. She already left."

"Really?" Peter opened his eyes and sat straight.

"That was awful. I was almost scared to death," he murmured and rubbed his chest. He looked funny.

After spending the entire morning with Peter, Amaris left the hospital.

Now, she had nothing to worry about because Wolf King was dead. As the boss, she needed to return to her company as soon as possible. If she came back late, cunning members of her company might take advantage of her absence and steal her position.

After she left, Black Rasetsu would take care of Peter well. He would not feel lonely.

At the Police Station

Amelia's face darkened. She did not expect that Peter could kill Wolf King so easily. Rowen was also incidentally killed.

Even if there wasn't any evidence that would point to him, and he did not leave any trace on the scene, she believed that Peter was the killer.

"What an expert! And what a troublemaker!" At some point, she highly appreciated his ability. But on the other hand, she was worried about how to deal with the trouble he had made.

The case made a great impact. Amelia was informed that the Principal Police and Head of Scurity in the capital were now involved in the case and had set up a team to investigate it.

Although she explained that Wolf King and Rowen had a disagreement and both died in an intensive fight, it was not that persuasive.

"Oh my gosh! What should I do? The bastard is to blame!" Amelia complained in anger, and she tried to call Peter. But she failed to find him because Peter turned off his phone. 'What a bastard, ' sh

et. Bella was secretly replaced by Robin Song.

They had thought no one else knew the babies had been exchanged secretly and no one could find out about the truth. After all, Robin Song was also the offspring of the Song family, but his mother was just a maidservant.

Unfortunately, his mother had admitted the truth when she played mahjong once. Then Robin's foster mother, the mistress of the Song family had found out about the truth.

Robin's foster mother was shocked by the news. She immediately found Robin's biological mother and questioned her. The maidservant gave in to the harsh corporal punishment and finally unveiled the truth.

The mistress of the Song family was furious. The maid was eventually killed, and the Song family had started to investigate on Bella's whereabouts.

Robin Song noticed that his mother suddenly became cold and estranged from him. She started treating him differently from then on.

He refused to accept that and started his own investigation on Bella's location. He hated this woman because if they found her, his position would be taken from him.

Since he was powerful himself, he found her location earlier than his mother and offered a huge amount of money recruiting hitmen to kill her.

He not only decided to kill Bella but her grandfather as well because he had adopted her. If he hadn't adopted her, Bella would have died long ago.

But he hadn't expected that even if her grandfather had been killed, she would have survived. The assassin had failed to kill her.

Sitting in the car, Robin stared at the direction of Golden City. There was a big smile on his face, while his eyes darkened.

Anyway, the purpose of this journey was to meet his sister and then kill her.

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