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   Chapter 163 Black Rasetsu VS Amaris

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6820

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The battle in Rowen Manor created chaos in Golden City overnight.

The deaths of Wolf King and Rowen shocked the elite.

The entire Rowen Manor had been cordoned off. The police began a thorough investigation.

For well-known businessmen like Rowen or Wolf King, the police had to take their deaths extremely seriously.

Wolf King wasn't only a celebrity of the underworld, he was also a famous entrepreneur of the western area and the world.

His death caused a tremendous shift of power, that even shook the very depths of the underworld.

The fact that the great Wolf King had been killed in such a small place like Golden City was a shock to everyone in the underworld.

More than half of them traveled to the City to pay their respects.

Some of them who had a good relationship with Wolf King came to investigate his murder. The others were still trying to figure out what he was doing in such a place.

After all, Wolf King was world-renown. He must have come there for a purpose. Perhaps he had sought for a brand new business opportunity. No one was willing to give up an opportunity to get rich.

Golden City grew crowded because of the people who knew Wolf King.

Obviously, Peter couldn't care what happened in underground world. He laid on his bed quietly, bandages wrapped around several parts of his body.

"Black Rasetsu, is it really necessary to wrap me up like this? My injuries aren't that bad. This is probably too much." Peter stared at Black Rasetsu, who was sitting beside his bed, speechless.

In his memory, Black Rasetsu seemed to have been hurt more than he was. Why did she only have a cast?

'Oh my god, the person who did this to me should be cursed. Does she have any professional ethics?'

"It is necesary." Black Rasetsu nodded her head seriously. "You have been wounded severely and must be treated with care.

"Don't worry, from now on, I'll be responsible for your meals, dressing, and relieving."

As a member of underground world, Black Rasetsu was careful in dealing with

eady, but she could do nothing but stand to the side and stare at Amaris coldly since Peter called her out.

"I'm okay, dear. It's all worth it as long as I can ensure your safety. Are you feeling better? Come over here. I'll massage it for you." Peter stretched out his hand to her.

Amaris was about to avoid it but changed her mind as Black Rasetsu was there, watching her. She gave Peter a flirty wink and said,"You bad man."

She let Peter do whatever he wanted.

Peter was so glad that he could enjoy kneading her.

Black Rasetsu blushed with what was happening. She turned away and remained speechless.

'What kind of guy am I following? How could he do something like this?'

She was almost tearing up, realizing how Peter actually behaved like.

Nobody would believe that even if this news broke out.

For a moment, the atmosphere in the ward was strange.


At this moment, the door was pushed again suddenly.

Bella came in.

It wasn't until she received a call from the dean that she learned about Peter's injury and that he was in hospital.

She ran up to his room as soon as she knew that.

Unexpectedly, she saw something that made her mad the minute that she entered the ward.

This bastard, he was flirting with a women. Worsely, there was another woman standing next to him. What the hell were they doing?

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