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   Chapter 161 Survive, Please!

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7760

Updated: 2019-03-11 00:13

A loud, low boom resounded in the area.

With the huge sound, two bandits were flung out, their bodies bashed and bloody.

They lay still, almost lifeless. They were shown absolutely no mercy.

Amidst the smoke and rubble, Peter slowly walked through it, strength and power oozing out of his form.

The bandits truly felt Peter's strength. Nothing else was on their mind except for the fear that kept telling them to run away.

They knew they were nothing compared to Peter in the first place. Now, they were more terrified, and the tension kept escalating among them.

The bandits were severely bleeding from their mouths. Their bodies were draining way too quickly for them to have the strength to stand up.

Peter had also been hit several times, but he wasn't seriously hurt. He kept his momentum.

Within a few minutes, all the bandits were beaten right to the ground. Many of them had already bled out to death, the others screaming in pain from the abuse they suffered from Peter.

They looked at Peter with great fear, horrified of his power.

'This is insane! How can a man do this?' they thought in earnest.

'Even our Wolf King may fail if he fought with him!'

In the Villa

Wolf King and Rowen saw what happened and both of them turned pale.

Rowen even found it hard to stand back up to his feet out of fear.

'If Peter breaks in, I'm doomed, ' Rowen whispered to himself.

"Are you still okay?" Peter asked, approaching Black Rasetsu.

Peter looked over Black Rasetsu's body, noticing all her cuts and wounds. He frowned.

"I'm okay," Black Rasetsu answered, looking at Pete with a tired smile.

Peter was the first man that ever protected her from being beaten up. Moreover, he was her master. She felt her heart beat. It seemed that she had fallen in love with him.

She blushed when Peter sat by her and helped bandage her wounds. Her skin warmed in the places that he touched. When he was done, Peter helped her up and dusted off his hands. "Now then. Let's go see the son of a bitch that plotted this."

Rowen was fearing for his life, so much that he started panicking beside Wolf King. "Oh god! Oh dear god! What do we do?"

He was helplessly pacing around the room, looking for something, anything, to help him calm down. An escape route? A Peter-Atomizer? Any

0 billion?" Wolf King laughed out, contempt oozing out of him. "I can give you that."

After he finished talking, he suddenly stomped his right foot to the ground, before rushing towards Peter.

No warning, at all!

Wolf King grimaced and shouted,"For sure, I'll give you billions of dollars but only when you come with me to hell!"

Wolf King rushed and hit toward Peter's head with his fist.

That was a fierce hit!

One with strong momentum!

However, Peter was alert immediately. His eyes squinted.

'Wolf King is such a despicable man, carrying out such an attack during the conversation.

Luckily, I've come prepared, ' Peter thought.

Peter tightened his muscle and rammed his fist against Wolf King's.

Peter knew that he couldn't dodge it, or Black Rasetsu who was right behind would be hit to death.


Both their fists came in contact.

Everything was quiet, then grew loud at once.

Both Rowen and Black Rasetsu were shocked, eyes wide-open. They even held their breath as they watched.


Peter was flung to the wall, while Wolf King flew further away from the ground.

Blood drew from Peter's mouth, dripping on the concrete floor.

Peter was defeated!

Rowen couldn't believe his eyes.

If Peter was a dead man, Rowen would have nothing to fear about him.

Black Rasetsu, on the other hand, turned pale.

She would suffer for sure without Peter alive to protect her.

She started to worry.

"No!" Black Rasetsu screamed out, running towards Peter. 'Please survive, please!'

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