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   Chapter 160 Blood Spreads For A Thousand Miles

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6645

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The men laughed. Suddenly, gunshots were heard from behind.

With their gruesome smiles still on their faces, the men fell dead on the floor.

The laughter of the fifteen remaining men quickly turned into dread. They scrambled to the other side and desperately tried to see where the shots came from.

Ping! Ping! Ping!

As they dodging around, bullets hit three men at the chest. Blood spurted everywhere as the men flailed like fishes out of water.

"Black Rasetsu?"

"It's you!"

"You are still alive and you have betrayed Wolf King!"

"You traitor!"

the men said in rage when they found out who the shooter was.

How could they have known that the maniac ending their lives used to be one of their comrades?

It now made sense to them why it was difficult for them to identify the shooter. Black Rasetsu had always been quite exceptional.

She used to work under Wolf King. Her unique way of doing things and unparalleled marksmanship made her stand out. She was also a formidable fighter. People often compared her to the late Gunslinger because of her talent in handling guns.

"I am not the one who betrayed you, guys. It is you who betrayed me," she said as she aimed and pulled the trigger again.

Indecisiveness was never one of her weaknesses. She knew what she needed to do and she did not hesitate to complete her mission.

The moment she was abandoned by her companions, she was done working for Wolf King.

Three more men fell to the ground as Black Rasetsu fired her weapon. Then, she ran out of bullets.

Finding a golden opportunity, the remaining men rushed at her madly.

Her treachery enraged them.

"Hey, guys, you hurt one of my men in front me. Did you ever stop and think about how I'd feel?" Peter remarked, smiling, as he charged towards the men.

The men did not appreciate Peter's mocking. Five of them charged at Peter while the others continued to go for Black Rasetsu.

They thirsted for blood

by now. Why did she not feel anything?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Loud sounds echoed through the air. Black Rasetsu slowly opened her eyes. Peter came for her! A savior!

Five or six of her previous companions were knocked to the ground.

Despite Peter's success knocking them over, though, Peter received several blows on his back.

She was the one who was supposed to take the blows. Peter was in pain because of her.

"No!" Black Rasetsu cried out as she swelled with gratitude towards Peter.

She felt like she had to protect him.

She did not expect her new master to protect her the way he was doing.

Then, she burst into tears.

In pain, Peter spit out some blood. He staggered. It seemed like he might fall down at any moment, but he did not.

The brawny men looked at Peter as if they were looking at a monster.

How could he remain standing after taking all those blows?

Peter grinned.

"You guys feel like you're pretty damn cool, huh? Now it's my turn," he said, seething with rage.

"Die! All of you! Die!"

Peter roared as his eyes turned red. Holding a mace in his hand, he rushed towards them.

Death was coming.

He was furious and invincible!

Peter felt as if he were back on the battlefield.

The wrath of the God of War will make blood spread across a thousand miles.

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