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   Chapter 159 A Gunfight

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7536

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So fast!

The young man was amazed at Peter's swiftness.

They called him Gunslinger, the most excellent gunner under Wolf King. His shooting skill was among the very best nationwide.

In the underground world, Gunslinger was a formidable figure.

It was said that Gunslinger's shooting was just as good as James Bond, who never missed his target. People couldn't begin to imagine what he was capable of.

But despite his incomparable shooting skill, he missed Peter. The bullet merely grazed his shoulder.

The young man thought that the previous shooting was supposed to finish Peter.

Peter felt the pain in his shoulder as he stared at Gunslinger. He couldn't help but feel the rage in him.

How was it possible that he shot him? What a shame!

His blood was boiling in fury.

He was furious!

The young man came to himself and he sensed Peter's anger. Immediately, he held his gun up and pulled the trigger again.

Peter sneered as he saw the scene in front of him.

He was shot because he had been too careless to notice the arrival of the young man. Now that he was fully aware of the attack, he would definitely protect himself. He'd rather die in shame if he was hit again. His former partners would laugh at him for the rest of their lives if they knew it.

The sound of the trigger rang and the bullet came running towards him.

Peter moved his right hand and pulled the trigger simultaneously.


The sound of steel slapping steel rang around the area.


In the sharp noise, Peter's bullet clashed against the young man's. The bullets clashed and fell to the floor.

Everyone was stunned.

'What happened? Was that real?'

Gunslinger couldn't believe his eyes either.

How did he do that? So was Peter good with his gun skills too?

Gunslinger didn't think that Peter could do as well as him.

He fired again furiously.

Bullets flew through the air, coming one after another.

People could only see calmness in Peter's eyes. He held up his right arm quickly and pulled the trigger several times.

To everyone's surprise, Peter's bullets all successfully met with Gunslinger's.

The clashes between bullets created blinding sparks.

Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping!

Peter continued fi

dy beaten up by Peter.

"You're not as strong as you think. You are without that gun, asshole!" shouted one of them. They then struck Peter as hard as they could.

They were more determined to kill Peter at all costs.

They wouldn't let him leave alive since he killed Gunslinger and disabled a dozen of their peers.

Without hesitating, Peter picked up the mace from the ground and stepped back. He stated,"I suggest you to stay right there, or I'll have my people shoot you."

"Your people?" The brawny men didn't buy his bluff at all. They sneered at him and taunted,"Are you trying to fool us again? Go to hell! Your people? You're all alone here. Where is your man? Stop tricking us!"

"You don't believe me?" Peter asked amazed,"Why? You haven't even looked behind! Why would I bother to lie?"

They lost their patience and decided to hit him as hard as they could.

They thought, Peter was only bragging so that he could strike a surprise attack on them when they look behind.

This was not the first time he played tricks. How could they be fooled again?

The most important reason, of course, was that they didn't need to look behind to tell if anyone was there. Strong as they were, they could feel the danger if someone tried to attack them behind.

Unable to convince them, Peter was frustrated. "Fine. I am telling you the truth but you don't believe me. Don't blame me when you die!"

After he finished, he commanded the person behind these brawny men,"Shoot them!"

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