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   Chapter 158 In Big Trouble

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6010

Updated: 2019-03-10 00:03

Outside the manor, Black Rasetsu heard the shouting and the commotion. All of a sudden she became concerned.

She was worried about Peter very much. 'Peter is alone. He must be in trouble! Should I help him?' she asked herself.

'Well, I should go inside!' In a short while, Black Rasetsu bit her lip and ran into the manor.

Peter had no idea that Black Rasetsu had decided to follow him. After beating down the twenty hitmen, he rushed to the villa where Rowen was in the middle.

He decided to catch Rowen and Wolf King first.

Suddenly, he felt the danger even before he stepped into the villa. He moved to the other side and avoided the attack.


A bullet was fired to the place where Peter had stood.

Before Peter could run towards the gunman, forty masked men appeared. Each of them held a mace.

They were obviously King Wolf's men.

Peter looked serious when he faced them.

Deep inside, he knew they were all experienced and highly skilled.

It seemed that Wolf King had finally decided to kill him. He must have paid a lot for these men.

The men dashed on Peter without saying a word, determined to kill Peter.

Suddenly, the air was filled with the smell of danger. He felt discouraged.

Peter could not believe his eyes when he saw this. He took a step back quickly, without hesitation. He could not afford to be surrounded by them. He would be in big trouble if that happened.

They were not ordinary hitmen. Rather, they were stronger and more skilled. Also, there was a gunman hiding in the dark. Peter had to be careful.

He realized that he had to kill the gunman first and then fight off the remaining men.

When they saw Peter stepped back, they sped up and ran towards Peter faster.

Peter had to die! Wolf King made the order!


unman was so nervous he that was sweating profusely.

But he did not give up and continued to fire shots at Peter.

But it all failed to hit Peter.


All of a sudden, Peter caught him and punched him really hard.

The gunman's face became unrecognizable.

He covered his head to prevent Peter's attack.

But, he was too weak.


The gunman felt his two arms being hit by an iron bar. It was extremely painful.

Peter refused to stop and continued to punch his head.


The gunman fell on the ground hitting his head on a rock. It started bleeding profusely. He died right away.

Peter looked at the gunman coldly and kicked him away. He picked up the gun.

Unaware, a bullet reached him without warning.

Peter was shocked. He tried to avoid the bullet but failed. The bullet hit his right shoulder.

Peter was furious when he felt the pain.

He rolled over, looked at the guy who shot him and then, he stood up.

It was a young man in his thirties.

He was wearing a white suit and looked handsome.

Nobody knew when he showed up behind Peter.

He looked surprised when he saw Peter stood up.

He didn't think Peter could avoid his shot.

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