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   Chapter 157 At All Cost

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7448

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"Mr. Bian is in the largest villa in the middle. We have more than one hundred people waiting to ambush you. But I don't know the exact number of Wolf King's men."

The young man dared not hide anything and answered Peter's question in a trembling voice. He was afraid that if he irritated Peter, he would kill him immediately.

"Really? I will cut off your penis if you lie." Peter seized the lad by the throat with his left hand and moved down the knife in his right hand.

The guy broke out in a cold sweat. He cried out,"I swear! Everything I said is true. I did not lie!"

The man was beside himself with fear. He definitely did not want to be cut into pieces.

"Last question, where are the people hiding?" Peter asked again. He knew the young man was telling the truth.

"There, there and there." The lad, not daring to anger Peter, quickly pointed out several locations.

"You'd better tell the truth or I will come back and haunt you forever." After the warning, Peter slapped him so hard that the lad lost consciousness. Peter quickly left the place.

There was a spark of anger in Peter's dark brown eyes.

'Sure enough, Rowen has teamed up with Wolf King. They planned to kill me in tonight's ambush. Well, then I will take both of you down.'

Rowen's hitmen, stationed in a dark corner, gradually fell asleep. They started to lose their patience. They had been waiting for a long time and Peter still hadn't shown up.

Staring at the door, they were unaware of Peter's arrival. The man who would take their lives.

He was like the angel of death that lurked in the shadow. They felt a sudden gust of wind, and then they passed out.

Within half an hour, over 60 gangsters were defeated by Peter.

In the villa

"Why hasn't the guy showed up yet? It doesn't make sense. Did he choose not to appear?" Rowen's temper began to rise.

'We have been waiting for more than two hours. He was supposed to arrive earlier. How come he's not yet here?'

Even Wolf King was running out of patience. If he had been his usual self, he would have realized something had gone wrong. He would have realized that Peter had sneaked in. Today, he was not his usual cautious self. He was blinded by anger

the strong man and went straight to his stomach.


The strong man fell down.

Next, Peter went on a killing spree. He was the invincible God of War. No one could stop him.

He killed every person he met as he marched forward. Blood stained his clothes. And the air was filled with the smell of blood.

In an instant, a total of 20 gangsters were lying in a sea of blood, too exhausted to fight.

They looked at Peter with terror, as if he were a monster.

In the villa, Both Rowen and Wolf King were pissed off after seeing what happened outside.

Rowen was very disappointed with his men, because Peter took them down single-handedly. It was a real slap in the face for him. He felt so humiliated that he did not want to look at Wolf King.

"We still have 80 people left. Where are they? Ask them to attack Peter together. Even if we cannot kill him, we can make him too exhausted to fight back.

I don't believe Peter can defeat more than 100 men from Rowen Manor all by himself!"

Rowen shouted to his men, but the reply that he got made him more irritated.

"Mr. Bian, they have all been taken down. Everyone's been knocked out. We have tried everything, but they are still unconscious,"

a man answered, afraid for his life.


Rowen suddenly lost his willpower and slumped on the floor, defeated.

Although Wolf King was as crushed as Rowen, he still managed to take out his phone and made a call.

"Get going. Kill Peter at all cost!"

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