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   Chapter 156 Solo Fight

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5925

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"Call Rowen and tell him to see me here," Peter walked towards the fat man and demanded.

"Okay, okay. I'm calling him." The fat man dared not refuse him. He took out his phone and called his cousin. His body trembled in fear.

He was a nobody and was not qualified to call Rowen directly. All he could do was to call his cousin, who was one of Rowen's best men.

Ten minutes later, the fat man hung up the phone. Peter had started to become furious.

Rowen refused to come. Fortunately, he knew where Rowen was.

In Rowen Manor

Protecting Rowen at the manor were hundreds of killers. It was a safe place for him.

It was an enormous villa, well lighted and Rowen was greeting a distinguished guest.

It was Wolf King.

In fact, Rowen did not dare fight against Peter, but he now changed his mind. This was because of his partnership with Wolf King.

Wolf King was not willing to work with Rowen as well since he was a nobody compared with him. He was much powerful and influential.

However, he had no choice.

It was not the western area. If Peter were in his area, Wolf King believed that he would be completely able to kill him.

Since it was in Golden City, Wolf King decided to work with Rowen to kill Peter. He was so mad at Peter that he really wanted him dead.

"Sir, Peter will be here in a few minutes. Do not worry, he will be dead this time," Rowen said to Wolf King with excitement.

He was just a nobody in Golden City. He did not expect Wolf King, a very important person to want to work with him. He could benefit a lot from this partnership. It was a good opportunity, and he had to take advantage of it.

"Great! We will go with the plan! My men will be positioned here. If Peter arrives, he will be dead,"

Wolf King dec

ated and came to a conclusion. 'It must be Wolf King.

Martin seducing Shelly could be just a trap for me. Well, if that is so, Martin must also be in the manor.

What a good plan. It seems that I cannot underestimate Rowen, ' thought Peter.

Peter walked closely to the ten guys as he thought to himself. Right now, all he wanted was to find Rowen.

Although the ten guys were Rowen's best hitmen, they were no match for Peter.

Also, they were focused on the door and did not see Peter approach them.

Peter walked past them and with just one blow, they all passed out. That was so easy.

"How useless! Idiots!" Peter curled his lips with hatred and walked to another guy.

He slapped his face and the guy opened his eyes. At the sight of Peter, he wanted to scream, but Peter pointed a knife to his face.

"Don't scream or else you will die." Peter smiled.

The guy was not stupid. He knew Peter meant what he said. If he shouted, Peter would cut his throat.

"Who are you? What do you want?" The guy was too scared to move. He asked him in a trembling voice.

"I have two questions. Where is Rowen? How many guys are here?" Peter asked him with a smile.

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