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   Chapter 155 A Rose With Thorns

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6460

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"Come, I will take you to a place where we can test your capabilities first." Peter led Black Rasetsu to a taxi.

He was trying to look for Martin to settle Shelly's issue with him. But he had no clue where Martin was. So Peter decided to go straight to Rowen Group.

He remembered Martin bragging that he was a relative of Rowen. He would know where Martin was as long as he found Rowen.

In Rowen Group

It was their off time. There were only a few security guards around.

"What are you guys doing here? You can apply for a job tomorrow. Everyone's off from work now. Get out, now," one of the security guards said impatiently when they saw Peter and Rasetsu.

These security guards were Rowen's men, and they were at the bottom of the Group.

In Golden City, Rowen was a big shot, but he was second only to Diego. However, the downfall of Diego made him number one, and he became the boss.

His fame shot up overnight.

Naturally, his men also rose in status and became more arrogant.

These people were a mixture of different gangs. They were never polite when they spoke.

They could not help looking at her with eyes full of malice as they spoke.

What a fascinating woman! Her legs looked tempting. They would look better on a bed.

Black Rasetsu was enraged when she heard the way those people were talking, and saw the look in their eyes. But Peter stopped her.

Peter was not angry. Instead, he was smiling. "Dude, we are not here to look for a job, we are looking for Rowen Bian. Could you..."

"Shut up!" Peter was cut off by the guards before he could finish. "Who do you think you are? How dare you look for the boss!"

What the hell. Wasn't he aware, Rowen was now the boss of Golden City. To call him by his name was like risking your life.

Such an arrogant guy!

Peter was speechless and decided not to waste any more time with their nonsense. He told them his name and the reason f

jerked the knife out of her hand and threw it straight to his eyes.


Two loud sounds echoed out as the dagger stabbed the young man's eyes, blinding him in an instant.

Black Rasetsu had no plan of stopping. She turned around and let out a strong kick. The electric baton flew out of his hand immediately.

Black Rasetsu grabbed it in mid-air, pressed the switch and jabbed it into his private part.

He howled in pain. His private part was scorched in an instant.

Peter was satisfied with the performance of Black Rasetsu. She would count as the top among the second rate masters.

She had the potential to be at the top, given the proper training and experience.

Blacked Rasetsu bent over at the four men. She defeated them in a flash. She looked coldly at the last man.

He was an incompetent fat man. Obviously employed by someone who knew him in the company. His defense reaction was slow.

Because of this, Black Rasetsu was considerate of him. Otherwise, he would have been the first to fell down.

His legs went limp and he wet his pants.

"Please don't kill me. Please." He cried out in panic. Fear showed in his eyes.

What a dreadful woman. She was worse than a thorny rose. He was afraid to look at her let alone revile her with his eyes.

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