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   Chapter 154 The Surrender Of Black Rasetsu

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6887

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"Bella, you'd better investigate the guy intensively. He blatantly threatened his female subordinate and urged her to be his mistress! What a bastard!

He would bring shame to Silverland group! If the news gets out, our customers would definitely be scared."

Peter pointed at Craig and announced his misconduct.

Craig defended himself quickly,"Miss Song, he's just talking nonsense. I didn't do such thing at all."

'How dare this guy report me! He isn't a good man either, ' thought Craig. If they found out about his misconduct, he would definitely be terminated.

Even though he was just a director in the sales department of Silverland Group, he was offered a decent salary. If he lost his job, it would be hard for him to find another job with such a high salary.

"Shut up!" Bella interrupted Craig. "Don't explain. Effective immediately, you are fired."

Even if she disliked Peter for being a troublemaker, she still believed in him at some point. It was no use for him to frame such a nobody like Craig.

Most importantly, Peter meant a lot to her. Even if she really got upset with him, she still needed to respect him in the presence of their colleagues, so that he could gain support from them.

"How could you fire me just like that?" Craig cried out when he heard he was fired. "You can not fire me! And you have no right to do so!

Why? Just because of his own nonsense? Well, then let me tell you, this guy is a criminal! He has killed countless people and flirted with women. Why don't you fire him? It's unfair! Unfair!"

Craig was furious!

Everyone was looking at Craig. The entire staff of the sales department were all shocked. 'Is he a fool?' They didn't realize their director could be so brainless, until today.

Peter was also shocked. 'What a stupid guy!'

"You dare ask me why?" Bella smiled grimly and said,"Because you are with Silverland Group! Because I am Bella Song, your boss! Do you understand?"

Her voice sounded powerful and threatening.

Girls from the sales department all looked at their bo

ecruit some capable people to work for him.

About an hour later, Black Rasetsu appeared in a black, tight suit.

Wearing a different outfit, she looked totally different from her image when she was working at the car shop. Both her looks and attitude had changed a lot.

The bright, big smile on her face also disappeared. She was now a cool beauty with moon-like eyes and a shy smile.

"Hello, Mr. Wang," Black Rasetsu bowed and greeted him respectfully. She acted courteously as if she were really Peter's servant.

She tried to smile. She looked timid and awkward.

"Dear Black Rasetsu, don't be nervous. Take it easy!" Peter smiled. He stood up and raised her face carefully. "Don't worry, I promise you a bright future. You will not regret your choice,"

he said, while his hand touched her hip provocatively.

'Well, it feels good, ' he thought.

'Dear Black Rasetsu?'

Hearing her name called seductively, and her hip touched, Black Rasetsu blushed instantly. For the first time, she was being treated intimately and blatantly taken advantage of.

She opened her eyes wide and stared at her new master. Now she was not that nervous.

Initially, she was afraid that she would be considered as a servant and be treated harshly after she surrendered. Just like how she was treated when she was with Wolf King. Now she felt very much relieved.

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