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   Chapter 153 I Want To File A Complaint

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6555

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"She will not think about it. Not in a million years," Peter answered instead of Shelly.

Looking at Craig irritated him. How dare he harass Shelly. It looked ridiculous that an ugly man was even thinking that it was possible for him to marry a pretty girl.

He got Craig's attention. He did not know who this guy was but

he hated the fact that someone was challenging his authority.

The Sales Department was his turf. He would not let some outsider threaten his power here.

"And who the fuck do you think you are?" Craig yelled, pointing at Peter.

"Wow, you're arrogant," Peter said coldly. "Take your finger away or you will regret it. Do you know what I hate the most? I hate being pointed at. It really pisses me off," Peter warned.

"Haha!" Craig laughed. 'This guy is hilarious. How dare he threaten me right at my turf, ' he thought, pissed.

"I want to keep my finger here. What are you going to do about it? Do you know where you are? This is Silverland Group and you are in my department. I am in charge here and I am asking you to get out. Do you understand?" Craig said.

'Why are there so many shady people in-charge in this company?' Peter wondered.

Tired of his insolence, Peter grabbed Craig's finger and snapped it without hesitation.

"Ahhh!" Craig howled in pain. His face distorted and cold sweat ran down his forehead.

He did not expect Peter to do that to a department head. Was he not afraid of the repercussions?

"How dare you! Making trouble here is a bad idea! Clearly, you are not aware that we have excellent security here!"

Craig screamed. Then, he turned to the pretty lady. "Cindy, call security! Kick this man out!"

Cindy looked at him blankly. 'What a dumb request, ' she and her colleagues thought.

'What an idiot! Are you not aware that the guy who snapped your finger is the Director of the Security Department?

Isn't it stupid to call a security guard in front of the Director of t


Bella always had this aura that kept people on their toes.

Shelly lowered her head to avert Bella's gaze.

Relief filled Craig when he caught sight of Bella. He crawled towards her tearfully, as if he were his mother.

"Miss Song, he beat me up, you must help me," Craig sobbed.

"Peter was hitting on the girls in our office during working hours, and he beat me up because I gave him a scolding. I am in so much pain, I thought I was going to die," Craig whimpered.

Craig, a middle-aged man, cried like a three-year-old kid. Unbelievable!

Bella scowled. 'He is a director of a department. This will surely remove his subordinates' respect for him, ' Bella thought, disappointed.

To Peter, though, she was angry, not because he beat up Craig, but because he was hitting on girls during work hours. It gave her the impression that he did not take her or his work seriously.

"Honey, don't listen to him," Peter said as he pushed Craig out of the way. "I came here to check on Shelly and Lisa. Lisa has not been showing up at work for the past three days. I tried to call her, but was not able to get through. I care about our employees, that is all," he explained.


Did he just call Bella 'Honey'? Bella seemed okay with it, but Craig and other staff were stunned.

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