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   Chapter 152 Have You Made Up Your Mind

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6847

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"At least you have manners," Fancy said, softened by Peter's gentleness.

"All right,"

she said as she reached into her handbag and took out a pile of bills. "I know what you want. Here, I'll give you a reward. Take it," she offered, dropping it on the ground. The cash spread all over the floor as she spoke.

'What the fuck!

This is so humiliating!'

Peter thought.

"I'm sorry,"

he apologized as he turned away, ignoring the money.

It was just a few thousand yuan. He might have reacted differently if this happened before he was rich.

Now, though, he was no longer interested.

'I'm worth over fifty million!' he thought.

Fancy looked at him dumbfounded. It was unbelievable that a simple man like him could ignore 5, 000 yuan just like that.

Did he want her to pick it up herself?

Fancy was about to say something, but she found that he was no longer in sight.

Peter, on the other hand, immediately decided to dial Anne's number. "Anne! There is a crazy woman by the door who just threw thousand yuan bills. Come, pick it up, quick! It could be gone any minute!" he said.

Peter hailed a taxi headed to Silverland Group after he hung up.

Anne was left confused by their quick conversation.

'What kind of person would throw money around?'

She was about to ask what was going on when Peter ended the call.

Without wasting another second, Anne changed her clothes and immediately left the villa.

Somehow, she felt like Peter was telling the truth. Besides, even if she were wrong, it's not too far from home. She can easily turn back.

Ten minutes later, she came back with 5, 000 dollars and was quite pleased with herself.

This was enough to support a few months of her living expenses!

"Hey, Anne, why are you smiling to yourself? Where is the crazy bastard?" Anne did not notice that she was smiling when Minnie came out of the bathroom.

"Crazy bastard?" Anne asked with a start. She then realized that Minnie was talking about Peter. "Oh, Peter's gone, he left," she added.

ould have to face the lawsuit and that she would be fired tomorrow if she did not give him what he was asking for."

"So this is why you were crying?"

Peter said, finally putting the pieces together. Basically, both the client and the director were causing Shelly's distress.

"What's the name of the client? Where is the director right now?" Peter asked the pretty woman.

"The client's name is Martin Huang. The Director is in that office. Oh, here he comes!" she said as she pointed at the door.

When Peter turned around, he saw an ordinary-looking middle-aged man. He was around forty.

Then, he realized that he knew the client. Martin was the wretched man he had beaten up last a few nights ago.

'What a bastard. It seems that he has not learned his lesson. I need to talk to him, ' he thought.

While Peter was occupied with his thoughts, Craig Kang, the director, came up to Shelly with a greedy smile across his face. He asked,"Shelly, have you made up your mind?"

Looking at Shelly's perfect body and delicate face made him feel restless.

He has had a number of affairs and mistresses in the office, but none as beautiful as her.

Initially, he wanted Lisa but she was transferred unexpectedly. He then switched to Shelly.

Despite Shelly's efforts to ignore his hints, she knew that now she was trapped. He got her this time.

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