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   Chapter 151 An Arrogant Girl

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7609

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After leaving the car dealer's house, Peter did not return to the company but went straight back to the villa he had just bought.

'It's my own house. I have to go back and see it myself anyway. I don't know how the two girls arranged the interior, ' he thought.

When he entered the villa, he heard humming, and his eyes popped out.

He saw Anne, who knelt down on the floor, her buttocks in full display, carefully wiping the floor.

Yes, she was wiping the floor, not mopping it.

She wore a thin blouse, and she scrubbed the floor one at a time. Sweat trickled down her forehead.

'Oh my, what is she doing? Is this an outright temptation to me?'

Peter turned his eyes quickly and hurried over to her. "Anne, what are you doing? Get up quickly."

"Mr. Wang." Anne saw Peter, blushed, but she did not try to get up from the floor. "I'm alright. You let me and my brother live in such a good house. I have nothing to pay back your goodness. I can at least do some housework to make up for your kindness.

Mr. Wang, you can treat me as your maid, it doesn't matter." Anne had a genuine expression on her face.

When she spoke, she was still kneeling on the floor, facing Peter.

She looked a bit tired. Her little face flushed as sweat trickled down her face, and there was a strand of hair dangling on her forehead. It seemed to give people a different feeling.

But what was important was that, from Peter's standpoint, he could see Anne's body parts that he was not supposed to see.

What a misdeed!

"Anne, if you really want to clean the floor, you don't have to kneel down to do it. Get a vacuum cleaner or use a mop. Or I can hire a servant to clean the house,"

said Peter. Anyway, he had 50 million dollars, which he was proud of.

"No, don't do that!" Anne became worried. "How can you hire a servant with me living here? If you hire a servant, what shall I do?"

said Anne, holding Peter's legs with her arms. "Mr. Wang please, don't hire a servant. I will be your servant, so I could make up for your great kindness."

Anne knelt in front of Peter, right beside his feet. The opening of her collar revealed more of her fair skin.

Peter was a little embarrassed. He thought, 'If this is seen by others, there would surely be a mis


Peter did not want to be treated like someone who was destitute, so he quickly covered his face and quickened his pace.

As he turned into a corner hurriedly, he almost bumped into a Cayenne that came from the other side.


The Cayenne stopped right in time. Then a girl who was obviously wearing expensive clothes and was good-looking got down from the car.

The girl, in her twenties, was very arrogant and domineering. Even before Peter could apologize, she pointed at him and started cursing him.

"Where did this beggar come from? Are you blind? You nearly smash my new car. If you damaged it, can you afford to pay it?

The security in this neighborhood is so bad that even this kind of guy can walk around in here. What bad luck!"

Peter was a bit dumbfounded. This girl was a bitch to say that. He could not help staring at the arrogant girl.

"What are you looking at? Do you know I can make you blind if you continue looking at me?" The arrogant girl was Fancy Meng. She became more annoyed when Peter dared to stare at her.

'What bad luck! I just bought a new car and I almost had an accident on the first day I drove it. I knew I should have checked my luck on the calendar before I drove out.'

"Miss, I'm sorry, it's my fault. I apologize to you and I will leave right away." Looking at the girl and the Cayenne, Peter decided to stay low key.

The girl appeared to be someone who was prominent. Peter did not want to irritate her, even if he was not afraid of anybody.

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