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   Chapter 150 Amelia's Background

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7145

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At the entrance of the Garden Community, a car halted in front of Amelia.

When the car door swung open, a young man got off with his sunglasses gleaming against the sun. Four other men got off the vehicle behind him.

Amelia frowned, but said nothing. She tried to walk past them, but the young man stopped her.

"Director Mo, I'm gonna need to borrow you for a bit." He looked at Amelia with an arrogant smirk on his face.

"Go away!" Amelia replied.

She saw the young man's face twitch, before he chuckled. "I have two million dollars for you. You might want to reconsider releasing Caden," he said.

One of the men behind him approached. He held out a large briefcase and opened it in front of her, showing a great sum of money.

Amelia frowned in disgust. Why did he think he could bribe her to neglect her duties? Amelia looked at the man angrily and spat at him.

"Go away!" He was surprised at her sudden toughness. She didn't even glance at the suitcase!

The man rubbed his face clean and growled,"Director Mo, I really wish you would cooperate.

I could have asked my men to kill you earlier. But look at me, I am standing here and ready to take you safely."

"Are you threatening me?" Amelia looked at the man coldly.

"Threaten you? I'm just being honest, Director Mo," he laughed. "But of course, if you take it as a threat, that's fine with us too," the man replied.

The two million dollars he offered could have enticed a lot of men to kill her. He believed that Amelia had no other choice but to cooperate with him if she wanted to live.

"Fuck off!" Amelia growled under her breath. He clicked his tongue at her disobedience.

"Wow, you are not a smart woman! I'm actually talking to an idiot," the young man scoffed with a vain in his head pulsating. She was growing into a headache.

He beckoned to the men behind him. All of them slowly walked past him and headed towards Amelia.

He knew this capture would be handled easily. They were all well-trained and skilled enough.

"You're asking for a death wish," Amelia sneered at them before gripping the pistol.

Bullets rang thro

by one.

Amelia left the area quickly. She didn't want to deal with this anymore.

In Prairie Pastoral

Wolf King was lying on his chest as two gorgeous women with blonde hair and blue eyes were massaging his back. Suddenly, one of his men burst through his door in a hurry. "Sir, Corey is back, but his limbs are broken. All his men also have broken legs!"

"What?" Wolf King was shocked and sat up immediately. He shoved the women off him and told them to leave. "What happened?"

He couldn't believe what he heard.

"I don't know the details yet. I just know that a car stopped downstairs and they threw them out by our door. All of their legs are broken and we can't fix them back," the guy replied with a trembling voice.

Wolf King shook with rage. 'Who the fuck does she think she is? And how the fuck is he stupid enough to fail such an easy mission!' He knew his men were strong enough to beat up all the men at the police station, but he couldn't believe that they were defeated.

Everything just didn't seem to go well in Golden City.

"Well, what about Peter? Did they kill Peter?" Wolf King asked furiously.

If they killed Peter, he might be relieved.

"I-I don't know." The guy shook his head strongly. "Nobody received my call. I asked my men to investigate, but the car company has been blocked by the police."

"All of them are dead? All of you have failed, again?" Wolf King raged.

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