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   Chapter 149 Kill Them All

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7901

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"Why are you just standing there? Shoot and kill him!" They were too scared to move.

They underestimated Peter severely.

Peter was the deicide from the hell! He was cruel and unmerciful.

A barrage of bullets rang in the air.

The snipers shot at Peter without any further hesitation.

They unloaded an ungodly amount of bullets, and watched as some bullets pierced the wall behind Peter.

The men sighed and thought that Peter must have been killed.

They stared and watched the dust settle, waiting anxiously to see Peter's corpse.

When the dust settled, Peter was nowhere to be found.

"Look! Up there!" one of them shouted and pointed upwards. They couldn't believe what they saw.

Peter was above them, standing on a beam stretching four meters high. He ran to safety unscathed.

"How could he have gotten up so quickly?"

All of them were baffled.

Even the snipers were stunned.

In his view, Peter could see everything.

The snipers knew they were blindsided, so they immediately targeted Peter again.

However, Peter shot at them before they could.

Peter laughed as he looked at the feeble men underneath him.

The bullets flew down to the ground.

All ten bullets hit the enemies.

He was ruthless!

All of them had their jaws slacked, mouths wide. They looked frightened at the sight.

'Oh my god! He's out of this world!'

They had been working in the dark world for so many years, and they had never seen such a strong person!

Peter jumped from the beam and walked towards the seven men and Black Rasetsu. He wanted to obliterate them.

He already killed so many people. He couldn't let the rest live. They'd become witnesses and they would provide evidence of his murders. He knew he had to kill them even if he really didn't want to.

The men were terrified and stuck in their places as Peter walked closer.

None of them wanted to die.

Even though they had killed a lot, they were pretty terrified of dying, too.

"Please, please don't kill me!"

"Don't kill us! We can do anything for you if you let us go!"

Black Rasetsu went down on her knees, facing Peter, and begged for mercy. "Please don't kill me. I can work for you all my life if you don't kill me! I can do anything for you! Please!"

She pleaded, knowing that this was her only chance to live. They failed their mission,

quietly, almost ashamed that there wasn't anything they could pin on him.

"Fuck this!" Greg yelled, punching the wall beside him. "A fucking security guard? Who the fuck does he think he is? How dare he blackmail me! He's signing a death wish!

Call my father and ask him to send our people here. I'm gonna kill that motherfucker!" Greg lost his temper.

He cursed Peter with all his might, wondering how a security guard would have the damn gall to blackmail him.

"Yes sir!" the man quickly replied and made a turn to leave. However, he spun back and approached Greg. "Sir, I don't know if I should tell you this."

"What? Are you going to make me wait, dumbass? Spit it out!"

The man stuttered at his boss' vulgarity. "There are reports that Peter's having an affair with Bella Song. But it's not only her, there's plenty of women. I think one of them is..."

Greg grabbed a glass beside him on the table and threw it against the wall.

"That son of a bitch! It's Clair, isn't it? This bitch is playing innocent with me!"

As if a lightbulb went off on his head, he clicked his tongue and came to his senses. "Wait, you mentioned Bella Song. Didn't you? Isn't she the CEO of Silverland Group?"

"Yes, sir." He nodded.

Greg sat down on the lounge chair and started to drift into a deep thought. "Leave me."

Once the man left, Greg started putting two and two together 'Bella's my half sister, and even she's being screwed over by him. Who the fuck does Peter think he is?'

He clicked his tongue once more, now more earnest in wanting him dead.

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