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   Chapter 148 One Against Eight

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6757

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"You will not make it out here, alive, Peter. It would be best for you to surrender quietly. If you don't, I promise we will not go easy on you," Black Rasetsu said angrily. She knew the fight would be brutal.

Eight men were part of the car shop ambush and a dozen more were hidden, including three gunmen.

Even with Peter's fighting skills, he was gravely outnumbered. It was impossible for him to win.

"Do you really think you can hurt me?" Peter shifted his gun and pointed it at Black Rasetsu's temple. "Do you not believe that I can kill you before I die?"

Black Rasetsu looked at him, speechless. She knew he was right.

Then, Peter turned to the eight men. "Ask your companions to come out. If they don't, I will shoot."

"Ha, ha!" one of the men began to laugh. "I don't care if you kill her.

We were only ordered to kill you. Saving her is not part of our deal," he said.

This astonished Peter.

Black Rasetsu, on the other hand, looked disappointed.

It saddened her that her men did not care about her life at all.

"Sorry, darling, it seems that you're an expendable resource to your companions. Why do you even bother fighting at their side? You might as well trust me. I will surely treat you better,"

Peter said with a smile, adding fuel to the fire.

Black Rasetsu looked at him wordlessly with a sullen expression.

"You're really something, aren't you? Even at the heat of the moment, you are still thinking of ways to turn your opponent over to your side," the man said.

Then, with a wave of his hand, he ordered his men to attack.

Taking the lead, he charged at Peter first

as his seven companions followed.

The men clearly had no plan to save Black Rasetsu's life. They did not care less if she survived or not.

This made her feel very hurt.

A part of her hoped that her companion's statement was only a ploy to distract Peter and save her. She did not expect them to really abandon her the way they did.

Despite Peter's threat to shoot, they sti

Even Wolf King acknowledged his strength.

It may not be strong enough to kill Peter, but it would surely leave him seriously injured.

In the next instant, though, his expression changed.

Peter did not even fall and not a bone on him was broken.

"How is that possible?" The man could not believe his eyes.

"Nothing is impossible!" Peter's eyes were that of a cold-blooded killer. He stretched out his hand and lifted the man up by the neck.

He weighed over 100 kilos, but to Peter, he was a ragdoll.

What a horrible scene!

The man began to breathe hard as his face turned very red.

He struggled madly and shook his fist fiercely. He wanted to give Peter a very deadly punch, but all was in vain.

"Go to hell!" Peter shouted as he slammed the man's body to the ground.


The ground quaked and a deep crater appeared on the floor. A stream of blood flowed generously from the man's mouth. He stared blankly in confusion.

As if it were not enough, Peter lifted him up again and bashed him against the floor repeatedly.





Five strikes later, the man lay paralyzed.

Black Rasetsu and the other injured men stared horrifiedly at the violent scene.

They thought about the loud bangs and they all had one thought in their heads: this was probably what hell sounded like.

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