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   Chapter 147 The Ambush

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6380

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"Shelly, I'm here!" Quickly, Peter found Shelly and waved at her happily.

"Peter!" Shelly smiled and ran towards him joyfully.

She was really an outgoing girl.

Shelly held Peter's arms tightly, and they went to the automobile company.

Upon entering the company, Peter felt the danger.

Evidently, there was going to be an ambush and Peter was the target.

'Are they Wolf King's men?'

Peter frowned and realized something wrong here. Based on the contract, Peter was supposed to pick up the cars tomorrow. But then, somebody called him today to pick up his cars. As a result, Peter suspected something was wrong. It must be a trap.

At the thought of the saleswoman, Peter turned and looked at the front desk.

He became even more convinced with his suspicion. 'It's definitely a trap!' thought Peter.

The receptionist was a different woman. Even if she gave a sweet and charming smile at them, Peter was convinced it was just a charade.

"Shelly, something is wrong. You should leave right away." Peter touched Shelly's shoulder, and he looked very serious. He should be careful if it was indeed a trap of Wolf King.

"What's wrong?" Shelly was confused.

"I will tell you the detail later. You have to leave now. Don't look back." Peter had no time to explain to her.

"Okay." Shelly agreed and left the company without hesitation.

Peter had never behaved so seriously in front of her. She knew something was wrong. She decided to leave, knowing there was nothing she could do to help.

Peter felt relieved when he saw Shelly get into a cab and leave.

If Shelly were with him, he would have to protect her, and that would make it more difficult.

But now, he was by himself. He could concentrate and win the fight.

"Sir, why did your girlfriend take off?" The receptionist smiled at Peter as he walked towards her.

"There is an emergency. She has to deal with

apped her behind. "Stop pretending! I'm already here."

As he talked to her, he reached over to her big boobs and quickly pulled out a handgun.

Black Rasetsu was stunned.

It happened so fast that she had no time to react.

'What a dreadful man!' she thought.

As she tried to get rid of Peter, he grinned, held her in his arm and pointed the gun at her head.

"Don't tell me it's a toy gun. I'm really envious of it since it was hidden in between your boobs. That is a nice place." Peter looked at her with a malicious smile.

Black Rasetsu was shocked. "How did you know it?"

"I knew it the moment I saw you!" Peter replied.

Black Rasetsu was speechless, but she was really furious deep inside.

'Son of a bitch! You took advantage of me on purpose!

What a real bastard!' she thought to herself.

"Show yourselves guys! Or else, this pretty girl will die,"

Peter looked around and said calmly.

Right after he finished talking, eight strong men with hideous muscles appeared.

They all looked heartless and cruel.

Obviously, they grew up experiencing a lot of fierce fighting.

And, Peter was right.

They were Wolf King's men. They were as strong as Caden and Tim.

Clearly, Wolf King spent a lot just to have Peter killed.

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