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   Chapter 146 The Ruthless Peter

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7786

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"How dare you slap my face! Aren't you afraid the Song family would take revenge on you?" Greg asked, gnashing his teeth. He was not willing to admit defeat.

"Revenge?" Peter stepped hard on Greg's palm angrily. "I am not afraid at all!

Damn it! Didn't you say you didn't care about your face, because it could neither buy you anything nor pick up girls? Why are you afraid of losing your face now?"

With Peter's foot stepping hard on his palm, Greg screamed in pain and outrage.

He didn't expect Peter would use his own words against him. 'Damn it! If I knew, I wouldn't have said those words!'

"Stop the bullshit! Are you going to call or not? Don't test my patience!" Peter started to become impatient and stepped on his hand harder.

"Okay! I will call them. I will call them now!" Greg knew it was not a good idea to argue with him now. He just had to agree.

"Good boy," said Peter and withdrew his foot. Greg took out his mobile phone with trembling hands and dialed a number.

A few minutes later, a woman in her sixties was taken by two security guards to them. The two men held her by her shoulders. One security guard was on her left and one was on her right side. It looked like they were helping her walk gently. But the truth was, she was being held hostage.

The gray-haired woman looked older for her age, and she looked a lot like Clair. Obviously, she was Clair's mother.

"Mom!" At the sight of the old woman, Clair burst into tears and rushed towards her.

The old woman's eyes were also filled with tears. She was eager to run towards her daughter, but the two men held her firmly and refused to let her go.

"You bastards! Let my mother go!" Clair cried out while her fists pounded on the two men.

One man's face darkened. He raised his hand and was about to slap Clair when a cold voice was heard.

"Don't do that, or you would lose your hand," Peter said coldly, but his tone sounded destructive.

The man was stunned at the sound of his voice and became frightened. But soon enough, he restrained his fear and composed himself.

That was when he noticed that Greg was lying on the ground and obviously had been beaten up.

Seeing his boss hurt, he was outraged and his fear disappeared. He raised his hand again and gave Clair a hard slap.

Compared with the previo

red at him.

Greg suddenly trembled with fear. "I will pay you! I agree!"

"Then give me 50 million. Don't bargain with me," Peter said, yawning.

"That's extortion!" Greg said, furious,"50 million? Are you kidding? Why don't you just go rob a bank?"

Peter slapped Greg in the face. "I am not a fool! Rob a bank? That's against the law! I'm a good citizen and I'm not going to do anything illegal. Come on! Stop the bullshit! Are you going to pay me or not?"

Peter said this while he stepped on Greg's manhood.

'A despicable bastard!'

Greg was raging mad. He had no idea how to get out of the situation. So he decided to give in.

Half an hour later, Peter left the coffee shop with a big smile on his face.

It was especially joyful to leave with a tremendous amount of money.

But why didn't the police come? Didn't they notice the commotion? Peter left without bothering to figure out the weird fact. He didn't care about it.

"Dad! It's for you!" Hearing the playful ringing tone, Peter answered the phone happily.

"Hello, Mr. Wang. The cars you bought earlier have arrived. You could pick them up anytime or whenever you're free." A pleasant voice was heard on the other line. Peter was extremely happy.

"I'll be there in a while." Peter hung up and called Shelly immediately. "Hello, Shelly! Our cars have already arrived. Are you free? Let's pick up the cars together!"

"I am free now," Shelly answered.

After making an appointment, Peter set out cheerfully.

But he didn't realize the danger was coming.

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