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   Chapter 145 That Escalated Quickly

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6917

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Clair was stunned. She could not believe that anyone would dare beat Greg. When she turned around, what she saw left her dumbfounded.


she murmured. "Why are you here? What are you doing here? You have to leave! Leave, now!"

She then realized that he secretly followed her and she felt very worried.

Greg was a known playboy in the capital. How could he provoke him like that?

Gratitude and anger filled her.

She was grateful that Peter stood up to Greg for her, but also angry that he was so impulsive. She feared that Greg would take his anger out on her.

"You know each other?" Greg asked in furious disbelief.

How could someone stand up for Clair like that? Especially, against him? He must be someone special to her!

The idea that Clair must have made love to Peter several times made Greg fume with anger.

"You slut! I thought you were pure!"

Greg yelled, his smile disappearing completely and his whole face turning into that of a fearsome, angry beast.

As soon as he finished his words, Peter threw him another slap.


The impact was so strong that Greg spat out his two front teeth. Then, Peter shoved his face to the ground, making it big and swollen.


His body struck the edge of the table as he fell down. The sharp pain made him scream in agony.

"Why do you always need to say bad words? You need a spanking!" Peter said, curling his lips. "You must have not brushed your teeth for many years! It's so smelly. Why don't you let me wash your mouth for you?" he said.

Then, he picked a cup of hot coffee up from the table and poured it into Greg's mouth.

Tears started to run down Greg's face as he screamed in pain.

His air of superiority vanished completely. He resembled a drowned mouse more than a gentleman now.

Peter looked at him with disdain and then turned to Clair. "Are you sure you want me to go? Where to? Threatening you is this bastard's death wish. I will teach him a lesson for your sake."

"Damn you!" Greg screamed. "How dare you beat me? Do you know who I am, you

h a family?

He was not aware that the Wang clan was one of the eight most influential families in the capital city, along with the Song clan.

"As a Wang, did you ever think about the implications of stealing a daughter-in-law of the Song clan? You are provoking my family!" Greg said with gritted teeth.

Peter hesitated. He realized that the situation escalated a little too quickly. His private feud with Greg was turning into a war between families.

Clair was equally confused.

She wondered if what Peter said was true. Was he really a part of the famous Wang clan? If so, she felt more optimistic that she would be saved.

Seeing Peter beat the four bodyguards up shocked her but also filled her with incredible gratitude.

Peter was the first person she knew, who dared to stand up against Greg.

"Don't change the subject. This is a personal grudge between us. This has nothing to do with our families," Peter said. Then, he got a chair, sat down, and put his foot on Greg's body.

"Stop your bullshit. Call your men now and tell them to release my mother-in-law – I mean, Clair's mother. If you don't, I will castrate you," Peter threatened.

Greg turned blue.

Never in his life was he ever insulted like this.

After being slapped several times, he was now literally being stepped on. If anyone found out, he would lose his face completely.

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