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   Chapter 144 Bullshit!

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6439

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Bella sat on top of him, startled before she realized it. Peter stared at her, making her feel annoyed and ashamed.

"Did you get your fill of snooping yet?" asked Bella, irritated.

"Nope," Peter answered without thinking. Then, realizing the situation, he covered his eyes hurriedly. "I didn't see anything," he said.

"When did you get in? Why didn't you knock?" Bella asked as she tried to look at him through the spaces between his fingers. Flustered, she stood up.

"I did knock, maybe you didn't hear it," Peter lied, getting up from the desk, disappointed.

He had such a good view from under her. He wished he were able to enjoy it more before it disappeared.

"OK, maybe I didn't hear it," said Bella, nodded. And then on her next breath, she added,"Oh, what is the color of my underwear? I forgot what it is,"

"It's black, an it's lacy," he blurted out. "It is nice. I did not know you are so fashionable, Bella."

Oh, no!

Bella flared with anger. She grabbed a knife from inside a drawer and pointed it at Peter. "You didn't see anything, huh? I will kill you!" she roared.


Peter was frightened. "You must be kidding, Bella. You can't do this!"

he exclaimed, scared for his life.

Strange noises of a fight came out from the CEO's office for a few minutes.

Ten minutes later, Bella sat exhausted on the sofa. "Come over here and I'll cut you up," she said pointing at Peter.

"No way!" Peter shook his head. "Bella, as a CEO, you have to pay attention to your image.

It is unbecoming for a girl to use a knife to solve her problems. You should learn to use kindness. Do you understand?" Peter advised.

"Are you calling me unkind?" Bella said, fuming.


Her knife went straight at Peter.

Peter trembled and tilted his head to avoid it, immediately.

With a clunk, the knife hit the wall and fell to the ground.

Peter sighed with relief. "Bella, ar

or your mother a hard time anymore,"

Greg said as he flashed her a smile that would melt any other young girl's heart.

"You!" Clair was furious. She felt like she wanted to spit out blood. She had never seen a prick as bad as him in her whole life!

She wanted to punch his face so badly, but she knew she couldn't.

The sight of her fuming and helpless expression amused Greg. "Stop fighting me, Clair. I will get you back, you have no choice," he said.

"Come, now. Let's be together. I know they say I'm a playboy, but I promise, you are the only one I want to marry. All the other girls are nothing but playthings," he added.

"As a Yang bastard child, you would be lucky to marry someone like me. You should be grateful."

Greg seemed sensible, but he was an incredible asshole.

His every word infuriated Clair but there was nothing she could do. He had her mother. Plus, she was a Yang.

She was obliged to do what was expected of her by her family and the Songs.

Greg laughed, pleased that he was in control. "Come on, darling. I am the only one who can make you happy," he said as he reached out to Clair.


Peter said as he drove his hand across Greg's face. A hot flash of pain filled Greg's face.

Immediately, Greg grew livid.

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