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   Chapter 143 Peter's Plan

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6726

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Somehow, Anne was a little disappointed when she saw this.

She had wanted to hold the other arm of Peter, but she decided not to do it.

Peter had no idea what she was thinking. His eyes were fixed on the salesgirl.

As a ladies' man, Peter knew that the salesgirl was attracted to him.

However, Peter had no plans of chasing her. He was careful with the type of women he would date.

Although he flirted with the salesgirl, he was not interested in sleeping with her.

He believed that this kind of women must have slept with a lot of men already.

Peter had his own plans. He wanted to save some money by flirting with the salesgirl.

Hence, he had a pleasant conversation with the salesgirl as if he had a good feeling for her.

This convinced the salesgirl that she was successful in captivating Peter's attention.

Finally, Peter had decided to buy a villa with a lovely ambiance.

The selling price of the villa was 18 million dollars. But as a result of the 'pleasant relationship' between Peter and the salesgirl, Peter was able to buy the villa at 15 million dollars.

After all, the villa was worth every money.

Peter knew 15 million dollars was the lowest price he could get for the villa. The salesgirl would not get a lot of commissions because of the discounted price.

Peter was a generous man. He gave the salesgirl 500, 000 dollars as a tip after he paid 15 million dollars.

This made the salesgirl very happy. She made a lot of money by selling the house to Peter.

"Mr. Wang, please don't forget me. I'm always at your service. This is my name card."

Just when they were about to leave, the salesgirl took out her name card and gave it to Peter with a big happy smile. Then she leaned over and whispered,"I'm always free at night. Call me."

Sensing her good smell, Peter got turned on. 'What a provocative woman!' He reached out his right hand and grasped her behind. "Don't worry I will not forget you."

"Are we going to stay here forever?" Minnie shou

k you anyway. I will ask you for help if I get into trouble."

Peter said nothing when Clair refused his help. He entered the CEO office directly.

Bella was so absorbed in her work that she did not notice Peter entered the room.

Peter did not want to disturb Bella. She looked so focus on her work.

He walked to the sofa silently and poured himself a cup of water. Then he did nothing but stare at Bella.

Bella was very attractive and tempting. Her sexy body, long and white legs, and rounded chest were so perfect.

After a while, Bella stretched her arms and finished her work.

Peter was so attracted by her tempting chest when she did this.

"Bella, you're so beautiful." Peter couldn't stop himself.

Bella was startled when she heard his voice. Suddenly, her chair shifted backward, and she was falling on the floor.

"Oh no!" Bella yelled! If she fell on the floor, it must be hurtful.

"Bella, don't worry I'm here." Peter was shocked and ran towards her immediately. He had no time to help her by running to her desk.

His only choice was to rush towards Bella and lay on the floor to catch her with his body.


Bella fell on his back instead of hitting the floor.

Suddenly, everything became hazy.

Peter opened his mouth wide to catch some breath

when he saw Bella's private part....

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