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   Chapter 142 Buying A Villa

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7726

Updated: 2019-03-02 00:03

Minnie, wearing a red t-shirt, short jeans and a pair of white sneakers, appeared in front of Peter out of nowhere.

She looked so vibrant, beautiful, and full of energy.

Minnie looked kind of angry, with one hand on her hip and the other pointing at Peter, her red lips in a bewitching pout.

Looking at Minnie, Peter burst into laughter. He reluctantly moved his eyes away from her long legs and asked her,"Minnie, why are you here?"

"Hmm, why can't I be here?" Minnie snorted and said,"I've only been away for a couple of days, and you're already making out with another girl? You filthy man!"

Then she pointed at Anne and questioned Peter,"Who is she? Since when have you hooked up with her? Tell me!"

Damn it!

Peter became tense. 'Is this girl going nuts? What is she talking about?'

Anne's face turned red with embarrassment. Her words jumbled when she spoke,"You... you don't understand. I don't have anything to do with boss."

"Boss?" Minnie seemed to have realized something. "Since when did Peter become the boss? Why didn't I know that? Indeed, men could turn bad once they have money.

If you have nothing to do with him, why is he going to buy you a house? And you were talking about creating a courtyard on your villa? Does Peter want to keep you as his mistress in this love nest?"

"I..." Anne became overwhelmed. Normally, she would have talked back, but considering Minnie was Peter's girlfriend, she had to put up with her.

Being accused by Minnie, Anne could not help feeling that she was really Peter's mistress.

Peter, on the other hand, was frowning. He could not help saying,"Hey lady, please. That's enough. Don't make a big deal out of this. Besides, since when did I become your boyfriend? That's bullshit!"

They were standing outside Silverland Group. He did not want to create a scene and be seen by others, especially by Bella.

"You... you cannot take back your words! You promised me that night." Minnie was furious. "Well, you seemed to have chosen her instead. Ahh! I want to die! I will go tell the people in your company about your affair. And, I will jump off from the building of your company."

Admittedly, Minnie's acting was exceptional. While she ranted, tears ran down her cheeks, and she marched towards Silverland Group.

"Go ahe

fraid she would look powerless, the girl stood straight and lifted her face. She proudly showed off her figure and then started showing the villas to them with a smile.

Her heart was beating fast. Smart as she was, the salesgirl could see that Minnie was wearing expensive clothes. She, on the other hand, was wearing cheap brandless clothes.

'If I become his mistress, will I also be...'

If she knew Peter would end up broke after he bought the villa, what would she think?

Peter was not aware of the silent battle between the two girls. All the while, he was feeling contented, and he felt everything was wonderful in his life.

His right arm brushed slightly on Minnie, and he could feel the tenderness of her skin. At the same time, his eyes were glued to the salesgirl.

He had no idea what the girl was saying.

Anyway, he was here to see the villas, and he would make his choice afterwards.

The salesgirl quickly showed them several sets and took them to visit the villas.

With her red lips slightly opened, the salesgirl would secretly glance at Peter and wink at him. Her actions suggested something else.

She was walking ahead of them with her behind swaying seductively. Surely, any normal man would be tempted by her.

Watching this, Minnie went into a sulk and repeatedly cursed the girl for flirting with Peter. She fiercely stared at the girl, wanting to kick her ass.

Threatened, she held Peter even tighter, afraid that her man could not resist the temptation and might rush towards the girl.

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