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   Chapter 141 What Is She Doing Here

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Upon completing the entry procedures set by Liam, Peter gained entry into the Security Department.

"Call everyone. We need to have a meeting," Peter said as he waved his huge hand, showing the style of an overlord.

Within five minutes, all the security guards on duty arrived. They lined up neatly and all of them looked at Peter with energetic eyes.

This was because they heard from Jack that Peter was ready with his training program and brought it with him.

Each and everyone of them was excited to take the training so they could become excellent bodyguards.

If they became excellent bodyguards, they would be set with a brilliant career which would make them good enough to marry a rich and beautiful woman.

"Director, everyone is here. You can begin," Jason, one of the five team leaders, said to Peter respectfully after counting everyone.

"Well done," Peter acknowledged with a contented look. He motioned to Liam and proceeded to introduce him to everyone. "Please welcome your new colleague and future coach."

All the security guards were confused by this. They did not understand why Peter was now giving them a coach.

Of course, they still had to applaud Peter for this considering his power and position. But they could not force themselves to put on a convinced look on their faces.

Seeing this, Peter smiled brightly and said,"Judging from the looks of your faces, you're all confused with this announcement. Am I right?"

"We don't even dare to think so," the security guards answered while they shook their heads and curled their lips.

Despite the fact that they felt unconvinced by what was happening, they did not dare say it. If Peter got angry with them, he'd beat them all up even if they fought by his side in the past.

"Why is everyone so docile? As real men, you should always speak your mind bravely!" As he glared at them, Peter showed his usual arrogance. "You can all rest assure that I won't be angry with anything you have to say and I won't be partial to him."

"Director, we don't mean to seem unconvinced. Honestly, we were just caught off guard that you would be assigning us a coach without any reason or warning," said one of the security guards.

"What he said is true, Director. You are more than good enough to be our coach. We don't need anyone else. I'm sure Liam is good but there is in no way he is even in your league," added a second security guard.

"Yes, we want you to coach us, Director," another guard agreed.

After this, all the security guards gathered started talking all at once.

"Everyone, please be quiet." Peter waved his hand to them again. "I really want to be your coach, but, as you know, I'm too busy. But I am leaving you in very good hands. Liam is absolutely qualified to be your coach!

He used to take

. You can choose to start with this first. We can add and modify it as we go along. This will depend on their progress and the situation we are facing."

Then Peter whispered to Liam so no one else would hear him,"Please focus on guiding Jack. I hope he can make good progress as soon as possible!"

Jack was a good guy and even helped Peter once. This was why Peter preferred Liam to take better care of his training.

"Yes, boss." Liam nodded in agreement.

After all of this, Peter couldn't wait to leave Silveland Group with Anne.

He needed to arrange the accommodation for Anne and her brother first.

After leaving the company, Peter looked at Anne earnestly and asked in a very arrogant tone,"Anne, what kind of house do you like? A storied house, a quadrangle courtyard, a penthouse suite or a villa by the beach?"

"Boss, I'm not that picky. As long as there is a roof over my head, I am satisfied," Anne answered as her face turned red since she was standing alone with Peter and trying to restrain herself.

She initially called Peter brother. But as she witnessed his strength and capabilities in the Security Department, she opted to call him boss from now on as her brother did.

Peter was a bit taken aback. "Anne, you can't call me boss. I also work for others, so I am not the boss. Just call me Peter, okay?"

"Yes, boss." Anne nodded in agreement, not noticing the irony in her answer.

Peter was embarrassed and didn't know what to say. When he was about to try and persuade her not to regard him as an outsider, he suddenly heard someone shouting angrily.

"You bastard! You are such a fickle person. We've been apart for just a few days and you already found a mistress?! I will cut your balls off!"

Peter was startled by the unexpected voice. Turning around, he was dumbfounded with fear.

'Oh, my god! What is she doing here?'

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