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   Chapter 140 Honesty

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"Have you cleared up what happened last night?" Wolf King turned to one of his subordinates and asked him. He wanted to resolve the issue quickly and quietly.

"I now know what happened. It was Peter Wang, the Director of the Security Department that went after Diego. He's the culprit," the subordinate reported vigorously.

He was proud of himself for his thorough investigation.

"Peter Wang? That bastard again?" Wolf King spat with his eyes boiling with rage.

He gritted his teeth at the absurdity of the events unfolding in front of him. The same man, again, was taking him for a fool.

"If he's just a department director, it was impossible for him to defeat someone like Diego. Diego had controlled Golden City for years. How could be defeated by the likes of him?

Tail him and watch him again. Find out who this bastard really is. He's not what he said he was."

Wolf King huffed and sat on his throne, strategizing how he could eliminate Peter as soon as possible.

He continued,"What about Caden? Is he all right? Has the police said anything?"

"Boss, Amelia, the police chief, is hard to deal with. We've come to look for the woman numerous times, but we couldn't seem to meet her," the subordinate said, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

"God damn it," Wolf King clicked his tongue. He drummed his fingers against the table. "You indolent fool! If you couldn't take her in the police station, then grab her elsewhere!

It's impossible for her to stay in there forever! Find her. Use your fucking brain next time! Kidnapping a damn police chief should be a child's play,"

Wolf King burst out, furious. He wondered why he was getting very unlucky these days.

The subordinate yelled an affirmative "Yes, boss", before turning away from him. He scurried off to gather his team.

The conversation with Wolf King boosted his confidence. He overestimated Amelia's role as the police chief. He was afraid of her capabilities that if anything went wrong, Wolf King would be troubled and he would dissatisfy him.

Most importantly, he didn't know Caden was taken by Amelia.

In another part of Golden City

Peter didn't know that Wolf King had targeted him. He decided to stake him out. After morning broke, he got up, took a warm, welcoming shower and left the hotel.

As the director of the Security Department, he was responsible for overseeing and ensuring the safety and certainty of the company. Even though he tended to clock in late every day, he was a constant presence in the company.

As he was walking outside, the smell of eggs wafted in his nose. Peter approached

tween the cup and her lips.

"We're at the office. What if someone sees us?" The last time they messed around with one another, Bella gave an extremely long talk about proper office etiquette. She didn't want to go through that again.

"But I'm the director, Elaine. And you're my sweet, beautiful, hot manager," Peter said cheekily before pulling away from the young woman. He immediately began to miss the warmth that emanated from her body.

Elaine straightened up, glared at Peter, and smacked his arm. "Come on, what are you really doing here? I know you don't really miss me, you liar."

Elaine wasn't a fool. She knew from experience that he really didn't want her — it was her ability to get whatever Peter wanted. 'He comes here looking for something, ' thought she.

She couldn't blame him, however, since she owed him and loved him.

He helped her get rid of her ex boyfriend, Mac.

"Believe me, Elaine! I come here because I really miss you," Peter said with aggrieved tone. He knew women were especially fond of sweet words. Even though it was a lie, he tried to use it to get through her.

He wasn't stupid. It wasn't possible to tell her the entire truth anyway.

"Well, then, I believe you. You miss me, so you visit me. But I guess you have something else to tell me, right? Then tell me now. Don't waste my time, Peter,"

Elaine rolled her eyes and replied matter-of-factly. She could clearly see through him.

Peter was a little bit embarrassed. 'She knows all along.' He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly and sputtered the reply,"Well, I do need your help with something."

Elaine shook her head. Even though she knew he was lying, she was still upset that he didn't truly miss her. 'This guy.'

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