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   Chapter 139 A Sensation

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"I believe you." Anne nodded as she looked at Peter's face.

She couldn't figure out why, but Anne felt safe with Peter. There was something about him – was it his face? His personality? She couldn't tell.

Since he took Liam and Anne with him, Peter couldn't go back to his rented unit anymore. He looked for a hotel to stay temporarily and checked-in two rooms for him and the siblings.

He wondered if he should buy a house at this point. It'd just get more difficult to shelter the two and keep them safe.

But of course, Peter had his reasons for taking the two under his wing in the first place.

He needed to have subordinates that were capable enough to follow him on his journey.

He could have easily hired his own security guards, but he knew they weren't strong enough. Liam could help train his men to improve themselves.

Just as soon as Liam and Anne had settled, Peter's phone rang.

Peter took out his phone from his pocket, reading the screen. It was Amaris.

Suddenly, he remembered that he had left Amaris alone in the hotel all day long. He gulped. Amaris must be furious.

"Hello?" Peter answered, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"My dear, what are you doing? Why haven't you come see me all day? I'm so bored!" Amaris complained, voice delicate and charming. She relaxed against the divan, wearing nothing but her bathrobe.

She relished one of the very few times she was alone, allowing herself to dress in whatever way she wanted. Her pearly skin peeked from the robe, as she hummed and waited for Peter to reply.

Her eyebrows were scrunched together, lips pursing. She placed her arm over her stomach and tapped with her fingers over the smooth silk.

Amaris had been alone the entire day after following Peter's advice. She was unsure whether it was safe to go out, so she decided not to. She looked at the room service cart by the end of her bed, recalling how she ordered room service that morning.

"I'm sorry, dear. Today was a busy day. I'll come right over!" Peter replied quickly, thrilled at the sound of her inviting voice.

"Come quickly, dear! If you don't, I'll get the bellboy to keep me company." Amaris teased lazily, eyes hazed with desire. She crossed her legs to suppress the warmth she was feeling inside her.

Amaris looked to the mirror on the desk and admired herself. She was beautiful and she knew it. She combed h

were celebrating the good news happily, the elite society was trembling with shock.

Diego's demise was on everyone's lips, most of them shocked at how the big powerful bully was defeated in an instant. They had information coming in that Diego's limbs were all broken, right in his turf.

'The gym was Diego's base of operations. Who destroyed him? Who was the fierce guy?'

Amelia had quietly put pressure on her subordinates to stay mum on who was responsible for Diego's ruin. With her help, nobody would suspect that it had anything to do with Peter.

The elite easily blamed Wolf King for the attack, remembering the Purple Leaf Tea House attack some time ago.

After all, in Golden City, Wolf King was gaining power.

Wolf King was inherently intimidating. Even if Golden City wasn't originally under his influence, he was able to attack and destroy Diego with ease. There was a new power in town.

Wolf King's name spread throughout Golden City.

At Prairie Pastoral

Wolf King gritted his teeth and kicked the table in front of him, flipping it. He had just heard the news about Diego, and he boiled with rage.

He had come to Golden City to seize control of Gong Group, as well as to capture beautiful and charming Amaris. He never expected that he had to contend with Diego for power.

He didn't want his name spreading out to the public.

But now, his name was the center of attention in Golden City. Everyone had his eyes on him now.

'Fuck this, how can I control this? How can I seize Gong Group? How can I capture Amaris?

This is going to be difficult!'

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