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   Chapter 138 Helping Liam And His Sister

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7684

Updated: 2019-02-28 00:03

Peter stepped back immediately without any hesitation.


A bullet flew at Peter's direction.

Fortunately, it missed. The bullet grazed through the concrete floor.

"Die!" Peter roared. He was furious.

He wasn't going to show any sign of remorse. He took out his silver needles and threw them.

The needles slid through the gunner's neck before he was able to pull the trigger. He fell limply on the floor.

Peter screamed at Diego. "Not only have you collected weapons illegally, you've held hostage and murdered innocent people by using evil men that you've paid! You are insane, Diego! I'll make sure to end you, if it's the last thing I'll do!"

Peter glared before charging at Diego. When he was near enough, Peter slammed his foot against Diego's torso.

Peter felt Diego's ribs crack from underneath his foot.

Diego could feel his ribs press against his organs painfully. He screamed at the pain, but his anger was more alert.

"You think you can kill me? Do a better job at it! If you don't, I'll just come back and murder you."

"Kill you?" Peter scoffed. "Don't compare me to you. I'm not insane!" Peter kicked him again. This time it was against his arm. Diego screamed in pain as it broke.

"I'm not a lawbreaker like you!" Peter laughed sarcastically, throwing punches one after another.

Diego bore through the pain, as blood kept oozing out of him, making his skin turn pale.

The spectators were speechless.

They couldn't believe what was happening.

No words would come out, nor could they comprehend what was really happening.

'What's happening? Diego's the strongest man I know! How could he be beaten up like this?

This isn't real, is it?' they thought to themselves.

"Ah!" Diego screamed, his face dripping in sweat. He couldn't stand it. He felt pain everywhere!

However, he refused to give up. He turned to his men and shouted,"Are all of you just going to stand there? Kill him! Kill that motherfucker!"

He screamed with all his might, but it seemed that his pleading fell on deaf ears. The men stood idly.

'You must be joking, right, Boss? Peter crushed you! How do you think we, of all people, can kill him?'

"Things just got a little more interesting." Peter laughed. "You're nothing, Diego. Look at them. You've b

"How sure are you that both of you would want to work for me? As a guard? A servant? If you can get enough to eat and have the chance to go to school, will you be okay?" Peter looked at them with his eyebrows raised.

"Yes, Peter. Yes!" they exclaimed simultaneously.

"Very well. But keep in mind. You cannot be truly safe. A lot of people want me dead.

Diego wanted to kill me because I hurt him before. Even Wolf King wants me dead. Your lives could still be at risk if you work for me," Peter warned.

"Now, do you still want to work for me?"

They were quiet for a moment, before Anne spoke,"Yes. I know you're a good man. We still want to work for you even if there's a risk of danger. A risk is better than having to struggle with danger everyday. I know you're a good man, and I know you won't hurt my brother like Diego did."

Anne looked at Peter seriously.

Her eyes were full of conviction and trust. She deeply believed that even if he had his enemies, Peter was their best chance for safety.

She felt safe and protected with Peter, compared to any other man. She could tell that Peter felt pity for them, and she knew he wasn't planning on hurting them.

"Okay. You can work for me." Peter agreed.

"I can't promise you complete safety. But I can assure you that people will have to kill me first before they can hurt you.

I see you as my own sister and I'll take care of you even if your brother wouldn't be able to. I give you my word," Peter replied, looking at Anne with a piercing gaze.

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