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   Chapter 137 Fighting With Diego

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7887

Updated: 2019-02-27 00:13

Diego was unfazed with Liam's glare. "Bring his sister here," Diego commanded one of his men.

"Yes, Sir!" the man responded. Then, a lovely twenty-year-old girl was brought before Diego.

On her were a white dress and innocent eyes. She was like an ethereal fairy.

She was escorted by two young men, panic apparent on her delicate face.

"Sister!" Liam flew into a rage at the sight of her. He wanted to rush over and save her, but one of the men escorting her took out a dagger and pressed it against her neck.

"Dare to take one more step forward and I will kill her!" He smiled grimly. "Just one slice on her neck and she dies," he added.

It was so horrible!

The girl's face turned pale. Even with panic in her eyes, she was too frightened to cry.

Liam clenched his fists to restrain his anger.

He fought the urge to tear Diego and the two men apart, and he would have already done so if only they did not hold his sister hostage.

"Brother, brother!" she cried as tears started to stream down her pretty face.

"Don't worry, sister. Just stay where you are, I will get you out of here, soon," he assured her. Then, he turned to Diego,"If I die, can you please promise not to hurt my sister?"

He knew he was no match for Peter, but he also knew he had to fight. He would die, he was sure of it. But at this point, this was the least of his concerns. He just wanted his sister to live.

"Of course. As long as you do your best, I promise I won't hurt your sister." Diego made a promise that he had no plan of keeping.

Left with no other choice, Liam turned to Peter. "Sorry, Peter. I will fight you again,"

he said with full resignation to his fate.

He would risk his life to keep his sister safe.

"Wait!" Peter knew he had to dissuade him. "Do you seriously believe him?" he said as he pointed a finger at Diego. "The moment you die, she will be next and there will be no one to protect her! Do you really believe he will do as he says?

He captured your sister now that you are alive. Once you die, he can do whatever he wants with her! He probably won't kill her, but you know there are worse things than death in this world," he reasoned.

Then, Peter turned to Diego with scorn. "As a feared person in Golden City, you are not as tough as I thought you were.

If you really were as powerful as they say

match for him, then why did he even hire them to deal with him, and even provoke him, in the first place?

Why were they the ones who ambushed him when Diego was the real master fighter? Peter then realized that Diego did this to exhaust his strength.

This guy knew what he was doing. He was playing it safe.

Peter launched one attack after another. The two fought for several rounds.

Thunderous sounds echoed through the gym as the fighters moved like lightning. Diego's subordinates were caught surprised at the sudden change of pace.

Some eventually fell to the ground, injured as they failed to dodge the attacks thrown at them.

Diego showed no mercy, even to his own men.

Anyone who came between him and Peter was knocked down with no hesitation. His cruelty was incomparable.


After an intense exchange of attacks, Peter found a clean opening and managed to land a heavy blow on Diego's chest.

Pain filled Diego from the force of the impact. He felt blood shoot up towards his throat, but he swallowed it hard to keep it in.

With only the seasoned fighters left standing, the next few minutes that transpired were spent in a gallant skirmish.

The blow Peter managed to land gave him a huge advantage over Diego.

Before Diego could react, Peter gave another kick and sent him falling to the ground.

Just as Peter was about to trample him under his foot, Diego roared,"What are you all doing standing there like puppets? Take out your guns and shoot him!"

"Do they have guns?" Hearing what Diego said, Peter was shocked.

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