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   Chapter 135 Ten Strikes To The Face

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8237

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Having their asses hit by the stick, the two men writhed in pain. This infuriated them more.

'This is insulting!

This smart-ass said he'd hit our faces, then he struck our asses instead. He thinks our asses are our faces. Damn bastard!'

"Haha!" Peter shook with laughter and said,"My kung fu isn't bad, right? I didn't miss the targets at all! If you appreciate my fighting style, please give me a thumbs up!"

Some of Diego's subordinates couldn't help but snort and snicker at his revelation, but they tried extremely hard to suppress it, given the serious situation.

"Damn you! You're dead!"

The two men screamed furiously and rushed at Peter.

As two of Diego's best boxers, they were infamous for their agility and ferocity.

The two came to Peter. One tried to attack him from the left while the other from the right. They rose their fists at the same time, getting ready to throw a deadly blow.

Their eyes blazed with fury. They prepared to pummel this ludicrous man.

"Bad dogs!" Peter shouted as he raised his left arm and hit the man on the left with his elbow.

At the same time, he waved the stick with his right hand and struck the other man on his right side.

Peter grumbled,"It seems that you love barking. Then let me discipline you!"


Peter's left elbow collided with the young man's punch.

The man on the left recoiled from the impact of the blow. His face began to turn pale.


At the same time, the stick held in Peter's hand hit the right arm of the man on the right.

The man raised his right arm to defend himself quickly.

He knew that if he was hit once again, his credibility as one of Diego's best boxers would ultimately be shattered.

This humiliation would not end even if he were to kill Peter — the fact that he allowed himself to be hit would be a shameful reality.

That humiliation would follow him like a dark shadow for the rest of his life.

That moment, as the stick struck the man, both the weapon and his arm cracked from the force.

Peter focused his strength on attacking him.

The stick was not strong enough to hold Peter's brute strength.

The man trembled from the pain of his broken arm, but refused to let out a scream.

Before the man came to his senses and took further reaction, Peter grabbed the remaining half of the stick from the floor, and shoved it into the man's mouth.

The stick settled down in the man's mouth in a flash, and splinters

is reputation. It was Diego's, too.

"Just you wait!" the man roared, gritted his remaining teeth and charged toward Peter.

He knew he would lose. He'd already accepted it. His teeth were gone, and his arm was broken. He knew he was no match for Peter.

Still, he kept his face rigid, determination and courage emanating from him.

"You want me to wait? Aren't dogs trained to do just that?" Peter laughed, before smiting the man's uninjured arm with his stick.


As the remaining stick hit his arm, both the former and the latter cracked and broke.

Both his arms were broken, and he was in far too much pain to fight.

"You asked me to kneel down, right? Then kneel down, now! If you don't want to, I can make it easier for you. I could beat you senseless until you won't have to beg for mercy at all,"

Peter taunted. Before the boxer could say anything, Peter struck the boxer's legs with his own.

The man knelt and winced in pain from the force of Peter's attacks. He howled out.

He couldn't use his legs or arms to fight anymore. He was broken.

Peter threw the stick to the side and gripped the man's hair to keep him kneeling. He started to slap the man relentlessly.

He continued to beat him senseless until the boxer's face started to bleed. He finally endowed him with ten strikes.

The beatings rang loud. Diego watched with his face clouding. No one could comprehend what he was truly feeling.

Diego could feel each punch and each slap, as if he were the poor boxer himself.

Peter wasn't only hurting the poor man. He was also hurting Diego. It was the utter definition of humiliation.

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