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   Chapter 134 Dog Beating Kung Fu

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7558

Updated: 2019-02-26 00:03

"Fuck! Do you really want to die?" The two young men became furious and they were to teach Peter a lesson. However, Diego stopped them.

He looked coldly in Peter's eyes and said "You are still very young. Tuck your tail between your legs and behave modestly. This is the best decision for you to move forward."

"Hahaha!" Peter's laughter filled the room. Suddenly, it stopped as fast as it started and his gaze darted towards Diego. "Yes I am young. And I am extremely frivolous.

Tuck my tail between my legs and behave modestly? Huh. No. That is out of the question for me. Again, I am very frivolous. What would you do about it? Are you really fucking kidding me? You are a nobody to me. You can't really be serious in even attempting to say that to me.

You invited me here and I can't even take a seat? This is too ridiculous! Diego, don't even attempt to show off your power in front me. I am not even slightly impressed because you are nothing to me.

Do not give me this bullshit and waste my time! Tell me, what are you going to do? I am really busy and if you are not going to be useful, I'll be leaving immediately."

Peter shouted at Diego but his eyes showed no emotion which made them even frightening.

He did not show any patience and made rash decisions to try and solve the problems quickly.

It was obvious that Diego had ulterior motives which was why he invited Peter here now. So, Peter could not show any respect towards Diego. He simply wanted to solve the problems here as fast as possible.

"Peter, you really are very arrogant indeed," said Diego as a cold smile slowly crept on his face. "You brought this upon yourself, you know. Do not blame your mistakes on me!

All of you, beat him up!" Diego ordered his men bashfully, still trying to show his power.

Without any hesitation, Diego's men rushed towards Peter, intend to do their boss' command.

"Are you kidding me? These nobodies and weaklings? They are a waste of time! Show me your real power!

If this is all you have, then you've definitely screwed up! You are not a match for Wolf King! You've overestimated your own strength. Challenging Wolf King with nothing? This is like inviting death to your own door!" said Peter.

He coldly laughed at th

heard him.

'He must be really scared of us now!' they thought.

Because of this, they changed their plans and wanted to humiliate Peter first before giving him a good beating.

"You know, it's not too late to beg for mercy. Get down on your knees and kowtow to us. Then, we will only give you a few slaps and let you go,"

one man said to Peter as he laughed.

"Oh please, don't get me wrong now." Peter continued,"I'm not about to beg for mercy from you two! I'm just looking for a stick.

Since you are just dogs, I don't want to stain my fists on you! A stick should be just fine."

Peter said as he looked around the room. He suddenly bent over to pick up something. "Hey great! I found one! This should do well to beat dogs.

Come, dogs! I will demonstrate my dog beating Kung Fu on both of you!" Peter confidently said.

"You son of a bitch!"

Both guys became completely furious when they heard what Peter said.

"Fuck you! Bastard! You're the dog around here! You belong to a family of dogs!"

They became more irritated and started to look like demons. They wildly charged at Peter without any hesitation.

Both of them were very determined to teach him a lesson. They felt very humiliated with what he said.

"Great! Come on!" Peter exclaimed. He then took a step back before he swung his sick around and unveiled his first attack. "I'm going to show you my first attack! I call this, beat the dog's head!"

He then proceeded to hit both men's asses with the stick.

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