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   Chapter 133 Meeting Diego

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7805

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Peter didn't have the time to care about those crazy dogs' biting each other, nor did he have the time to pity Martin. He immediately took Shelly away with him.

After seeing Shelly home, he was about to take a cab back to his apartment, but a black Mercedes Benz suddenly stopped beside them.

The vehicle, Peter noticed, was the same one that had been following him. He shrugged when he noticed that he was being tailed since his trip from Flourishing Dynasty.

The car doors opened. Two men got out.

They weren't significantly large, but their bodies were toned to the extent that they still looked intimidating.

"Peter, Diego wants to see you," one of them said coldly.

The other man behind him crossed his arms and cautiously waited for Peter to move. Peter stayed still, highly aware of the tension growing in between them.

If Peter offered any resistance, they were on orders to capture him at once.

Peter stayed still, not in fear, but he felt that this was bound to happen any time soon. Peter sneered. "Drive me there, then," he said, nodding to them. One of them opened the car door and he entered quietly.

This was bound to happen — they always came one after another. It was time to meet Diego to settle this.

The two henchmen looked at each other. Despite feeling incredulous, they were content that they didn't have to use force. They entered the vehicle and started the engine.

At Strongway Boxing Gym

After Diego's property at Purple Leaf Tea House was destroyed, he moved here.

Strongway Boxing Gym may have sounded like your average gym, but there were no pupils or apprentices here. People who practiced here were all Diego's men.

The gym was technically designed to cover Diego's training grounds for his henchmen.

It was still busy at the gym, even in the late evening.

A group of young people in their white training suits were inside. Several of them trained in various activities. Some were practicing punching, some with kicking.

With every move they made, they yelled out words like "heh, hah, hoh" which did sound very powerful.

At the back of the gym was a stage, where Diego sat on a glistening bronze armchair. His face was stoic, however his eyes seemed content as he watched his men train diligently.

He had just finished investigating the Purple Leaf T

go didn't say anything but stared at Peter. His eyes became colder.

Peter continued to sit in the chair, even stretching his legs to get more comfortable. He poked a finger by his ear and picked at it before asking,"Oh, did you just hear two dogs bark? Should they bark when their owner's talking?"

Peter turned to look at Diego and smiled. He then continued, saying,"Look, Diego. They're disrespecting you. I wonder if they're challenging you? Disobedient dogs are bad dogs. Maybe you need to retrain them and teach them how to fetch sticks. It's such an effective disciplining tool, too!"

Peter's words resonated throughout the entire gym.

The two men behind Diego shook with anger.

They couldn't help themselves to stay quiet, so they started to shout.

"You think we're dogs? What does that say about your bitch ass then?

Say that again, and I swear to God I will kill you."

They both turned red with anger, getting hot under the collar. They wanted to skin him alive.

"Ooh, scary!" Peter exclaimed sarcastically. He laughed and looked at Diego.

"Diego, your dogs are barking again. What dishonorable pets you have! Although, it is actually better if they just keep barking. It's when they'll start biting, then you'd really have a problem. Rabies is such an awful disease, you know. You could lose an arm or a leg!"

Peter riled Diego and his men, smiling smugly. He knew that the best way to piss someone off was to ignore him.

Peter yawned and continued to look straight at Diego, his eyes piercing and void of fear.

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